April 21, 2014

The Spingola Zone at AFP 4/21/2014

Deanna's guest is David McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.

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David Duke Show 2014.04.21

Today: Dr. David Duke opens the show with a discussion of Dr. Kevin MacDonald's expose of a Jewish Forward Article on the immense power of the Jewish Lobby disguise as "Charities." He then goes into the organizational structure of Jewish supremacism and racism showing how Jewish organizations spend billions on the Jewish agenda, Jewish interests and the interests of Israel and how these interests are damaging to the 98 percent non-Jewish population. He shows the racism exercised against the group that the Jewish supremacists wanted to replace as the American elite, as controlling America is not only vital for Israel but for Jewish social, economic and other interests the world over. He brings on Dr. Patrick Slattery and they discuss the huge number of Jewish organizations that work exclusively for Jewish interests while at the same time they demonize any organization that would openly work for the common interests of the largest American heritage and the interests on 98 percent of Americans at large. Powerful, insightful program today! Share it!

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Trespassing on public property

BOSTON, MA — Warrantless bag searches at have become commonplace at travel checkpoints in Boston as concerns for Homeland Security have overridden citizens’ right to be free of unreasonable searches.  Travelers are forced to “security inspections” of their handbags, briefcases, and other personal possessions.

Large signs indicate that public spaces under the authority of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) are void of privacy rights.  The first bullet point on one of the signs displayed the following:  

For the protection and the security of the riding public, all persons choosing to use the MBTA transit system will be subject to security inspections of their handbags, briefcases, and/or other carry on items.
The signage goes on to claim that all persons will be stopped and searched and that declining a search will result in an order to leave the station.  Those who object will be arrested and charged with trespassing — on public property — which could result in a $100 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

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Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance

Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup. The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law.

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