June 16, 2013

AT&T to Load iPhones With Emergency Alerts From Obama – That You Can’t Switch Off

AT&T has begun rolling out Wireless Emergency Alerts updates for iPhone 4S and 5, so you won’t be the last folks to know if the entire northern hemisphere is about to be covered in ice à la Day After Tomorrow. 

You’ll receive a notification from the carrier when your update is ready, but only if you’re using iOS 6.1 or higher.

Once installed, AMBER and Emergency alerts are automatically sent to your phone unless you switch them off via Settings. However, should you be tired of Obama, just know that there’s no way to switch off Presidential alerts.

So now Barack can track your calls and send you messages, too.


'US invasion, occupation destroyed Afghan society'

Interview with Ralph Schoenman, political analyst, Berkeley about the admission by NATO, saying that any gains made in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not sustainable.

SYRIA WAR- U.S. and Russia BUTTING HEADS- Unplug The Matrix

War is UNAVOIDABLE because of insane world leaders. Another war is coming and we the people will be blamed by the world for our governments stupid decisions once again.

PRISM barely scratches the surface... 50 years of global surveillance

RINF Alternative News (http://www.rinf.com) looks at the reality of the global surveillance network and explains how PRISM is just a small part in a decades-long agenda to monitor citizens.

The truth in the Earhart “mystery” is a sacred cow

Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan
July 2 is the 76th anniversary of the loss of Amelia Earhart, America’s “First Lady of Flight,” Fred Noonan, her navigator, and Earhart’s twin-engine Lockheed Electra 10E in the central Pacific during their world-flight attempt in 1937.  No missing-persons case in history has been as misreported and misunderstood, and the truth about the lost flyers’ cruel fates continues to elude more than 99 percent of the public.  In fact, the widely accepted myth that the Earhart disappearance remains among the 20th century’s greatest mysteries is absolutely false, and is the result of a decades-long U.S. government disinformation program that continues to this day. (veteransnewsnow.com)

Corbett Report: Planned Parenthood Exposed

Although the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Gates are happy to sing its praises (or perhaps because they are), Planned Parenthood has a racist eugenicist past that it would prefer to sweep under the rug. The bigger problem for the organization, though, is that the past isn't over and the public is beginning to discover the real driving force behind this globalist institution. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we pull back the curtain and expose Margaret Sanger's monstrous offspring: Planned Parenthood.
Show-page and Documentation


Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 6/15/2013

                     Talking holohoax with Jim and Joe Rizoli

Obama orders arming Syria militants

US President Barack Obama has ordered his administration to provide militants in Syria with weapons as the Syrian forces regain control of more areas in the country.

UN condemnation of Israel, Hollywood scenario: Mark Glenn

Press TV has conducted an interview Mark Glenn, Crescent and Cross Movement, Idaho, about the UN condemnation after announcements by Israel of more illegal settlements to be built on Palestine land.

Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth Broadcast 6/15/2013

The latest ‘Obama is spying on Americans’ scandal as an Israeli operation meant to pressure a reluctant and recalcitrant American president into moving forward with the next phase of Eretz Israel–the destruction of Syria. 2nd hour–continued reading of USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney’s book ‘What I Saw That Day’.          Show-page


Obama's Lies About Chemical Weapons In Syria


86 Civil Liberties Groups and Internet Companies Demand an End to NSA Spying

In an open letter to lawmakers sent today, the groups call for a congressional investigatory committee, similar to the Church Committee of the 1970s. The letter also demands legal reforms to rein in domestic spying and demands that public officials responsible for this illegal surveillance are held accountable for their actions.

***Read article at EFF***


Andrew P. Napolitano joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in January 1998 and currently serves as the senior judicial analyst. He provides legal analysis on both FNC and FOX Business Network (FBN). He is also host of FOX Business' "Freedom Watch" show.

Ben Swann's Reality Check: The U.S. Government Created Al Qaeda


Al-Qaeda a tool for West's political/military adventures

NSA Wiretapping Public Service Announcement

Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U' Know) tells us what we can do about the NSA wiretapping our phones.