May 01, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.01

Solomon's temple and its similarities with temples from other cultures.

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David Duke Show 2014.05.01

Dr. David Duke today has one of his most powerful shows ever. He begins by showing the Jewish reaction in Jewish audience publications on the racism of Donald Sterling. He shows the Jewish Journal and they are happy that Sterling like many Jews has changed his name so that Gentiles don't know that he is Jewish! He is pleased then that most people will identify him as "White, rich and privileged." Dr. Duke then goes on to show how the truth is that European Americans are discriminated against more than any other group in the United States and it is typified by the elite universities such as Harvard and the entire Ivy League where European Americans are the most dramatically under-represented group. And how Jews are incredibly over-represented. Furthermore, he and Dr. Slattery prove that Jewish over-representation is not only a vast demographic representation, but represents discrimination against massive numbers of higher-qualified European Americans. The performance at Harvard also indicates that the outnumbered European American students vastly outperform Jews in achieving the highest levels of academic performance. An amazing show exposing the real racism in America!

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The Doomcast 39 – 2014.04.30

39 times the usual Doom!

Charlie and Doug provide updates and analysis on the escalation of violence in Ukraine, and new revelations on weapons smuggling and other back stories. We also free speech and take a different approach to the Donald Sterling comments and the media political correctness circus it created.

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.04.30

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Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Lindsay Perigo - Magnificent Mario

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Mike Sledge Radio 2014.04.30

Bolshevik Barry's Traveling Racist Circus

Tonight on the broadcast I will discuss the Bolshevik agenda of using Trotsky's racist playbook to divide and Balkanize this country to destroy what is left of our freedoms. How organized sports, the Bolshevik Media, Hollywood, and elite politics, are all being used to bring about new hate speech laws, thought crimes, and using the communist race card to fuel the flames for the concept of permanent revolution. Also I will discuss Cass Sunstein and how social policy is being used to usher in the complete destruction of freedom of speech. Also your phone calls. Be there!!

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Voice of Albion 2014.04.30

Paul interviews John Beattie from Ontario Canada.
John is a British Canadian Patriot. He is the Founder of The British People’s League. He shall be standing in the Municiple Elections this Autum.
John posts regular video updates on his Youtube channel.

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