August 04, 2014

U.S. Border Patrol, Texas, Caught On Video Telling The Truth 7/29/2014
*Hervé Ryssen - jew race mixing immigration program
*The Jewish Role in U.S. Immigration Law(parts 1 & 2)
*Jewish Wealth Promotes Gibbering Immigration Insanity in the UK and the US
*Will Jews regret their Open Immigration policies? Divide and Conquer.
*Jews Hypocritically Endorse Open Immigration Policies In Western Countries But Closed Immigration Policies In Israel
*Barbara Lerner Spectre: jews will have leading role in transformation
*The Illegal Invasion of America
*Pushing the jew Immigration Scam
*Jewish activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration
*AJC Ann Schaffer: Immigration is a jewish Infiltrate, Divide, Conquer, and Loot game to increase national, and global jewish power
*Internet anti-Semitism a ‘mortal danger,’ says Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman MK Yoel Razbozov
*Organized Jewry concerned about rising "anti-Semitism"
*"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.08.04

More rantings about the bible, specifically the confessional. (no callers)

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The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.08.03

Hitler 2.0

Der Führer is back! He will discuss: the spirit of Adolf Hitler, Israel’s war against the ‘goyim’, the Samson option, Zogbots, the Wandering Jew, Wotan the Wanderer, and much more!

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David Duke Show 2014.08.04

Dr. David Duke show the incredible progress we are making in waking up the world to not only the crimes in Palestine but the crimes of the Zionists against all nations, including America, Europe and the Western World. He reveal that one of the leading columnists, William Pfaff, has had enough of the Jewish supremacists and he talks about the powerful videos created by Dr. David Duke and how they have the potential to change America. Then Dr. Duke is joined by Ken O' Keefe who gives some foundational information on the Zionist genocide in Gaza. They discuss why the mass murder is the classical definition of Genocide and upcoming documentary Dr. Duke has almost completed on the Genocide in Gaza. Great Show. Share it and support this work!

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Spingola Speaks 2014.08.03

Guest: 8/3: 2-4: Dr. Linda Lagemann; CCHR, CCHR International; The Hidden Enemy; 4-5: Bruce Wiseman talks about the Maryanne Godboldo case

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No Agenda Episode 640 - "Putinism" - 2014.08.03

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Freud’s Follies: Psychoanalysis as religion, cult, and political movement.

One tip off to the pseudoscientific nature of psychoanalysis is to describe its institutional structure. In a real science there are no central organizations that function to ensure doctrinal conformity, expel those who deviate from the accepted truth, and present a united front to the world. It has long been apparent to observers, however, that this is exactly what psychoanalysis has done and continues to do. As Crews notes, psychoanalysis 'conducted itself less like a scientific-medical enterprise than like a politburo bent upon snuffing out deviationism' (Crews, 1995, p. 110). Perhaps the first person to notice and be repelled by this aspect of psychoanalysis was the famous Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler. Bleuler briefly flirted with psychoanalysis. But when he left the psychoanalytic movement in 1911, he said to Freud 'this 'who is not for us is against us,' this 'all or nothing,' is necessary for religious communities and useful for political parties. I can therefore understand the principle as such, but for science I consider it harmful.' (in Gay 1987, pp. 144-145). The quotation is telling. To become a psychoanalyst was like joining a religious or political movement and not at all like becoming a scientist.
The apex of the authoritarian, anti-scientific institutional structure of psychoanalysis was the Secret Committee of hand-picked loyalists sworn to uphold psychoanalytic orthodoxy, described by Phyllis Grosskurth in The Secret Ring: Freud's Inner Circle and the Politics of Psychoanalysis: By insisting the Committee must be absolutely secret, Freud enshrined the principle of confidentiality.
The various psychoanalytic societies that emerged from the Committee were like Communist cells, in which the members vowed eternal obedience to their leader. Psychoanalysis became institutionalized by the founding of journals and the training of candidates; in short an extraordinarily effective political entity. (Grosskurth 1991, p. 15)
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*Manufacturing Madness: The Pseudoscience of Modern Psychiatry 
*Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality is Not Genetic