Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.09.18

Guest: Gerald Celente and James Corbett

John, Gerald and James talk about Israel, Iran, WWIII and Japan vs the Chiners



Scott Horton 2012.09.17

First interview Adam Morrow

IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses the protests in Egypt against the movie Innocence of Muslims; rumors that US-based Coptic Christians produced the movie to foment religious strife; the Muslim Brotherhood’s extremely cautious approach to politics and current events; the difference between the minority of radical Salafist protesters (the ones singled out by Western media) and Egypt’s comparatively moderate population and government; why Muslims around the world are so sensitive to blatant incendiary propaganda; and why so many Americans just adore Barack Obama despite his terrible presidency. (Duration: 27:15 — 6.2MB)

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Second interview Bob Murphy

Robert P. Murphy, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, discusses the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing program; why the Fed has just decided to buy mortgage-backed securities at a 40 billion/month clip; how businesses are disguising the increased costs they must pass on to customers; Ben Bernanke’s devoted service to the big banks; how interest-earning excess reserves are keeping bankrupt banks afloat and discouraging private lending; the argument that defense spending cuts hurt the economy; and why Americans increasingly depend on government services and jobs for their survival. (Duration: 35:06 — 8.0MB)

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Me Ho Rivero - Wha's Happenin 2012.09.18

"Aloha Americones"

Same ol shit today, just different.

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Spingola Speaks 2012.09.18

Guest: Michèle Renouf, the producer of the film, Dresden Holocaust 1945: An apology to Germany is due, talked about the predatory nature of the Jews. She also talked about the genocidal bombing of Germany.

Her web sites are:

Deanna's site

News Page

Official chat room



David Duke Show 2012.09.18

Today: Dr. David Duke broadcasts from Tennessee where he was a main speaker at The Seminar for Practical Politics. He brings on Dr. Thring of the UK and the two scholars discuss the huge revolt in the Mideast and elsewhere against American diplomatic missions, and delve into the roots of 9-11 and the horrific conflict the ZioGlobalists have spawned and how they have harmed millions of other nationalities and certainly cause incredible harm and damage to the American people.

David's site

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.09.18

Pussy Riot discussion, Part 2. 2nd Hour: Jewish supremacist rigged riots through history.

Show Notes

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Spingola Special 2012.09.17

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.09.17

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Hesham Tillawi - Muslim Rage Against The Film...Or?

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - John Ventre - UFOs Over Pennsylvania johnventre.com

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation Over US
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The Ugly Truth Broadcast Sept 17, 2012

Mark Glenn discusses the 30th anniversary of Israel’s butchery at Sabra & Shatilla, as well as an exploration of the question–IF the Jews are ‘God’s Chosen People, and if this ‘God’ was willing to bring about so many miracles in the Old Testament to bring them into the ‘Promised Land’, then where are these ‘miracles’ today’?

Also, a discussion of the wider implications of the recent video disrespecting Mohammed, who was behind it and where it is likely to go–WWIII.


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Live Free Or Die Radio 2012.09.17

Giuliani as guest.


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