February 23, 2015

Spingola and Friends 2/23/2015

Josh Blakeney of the Non-Aligned Media talks about the book that he edited, Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbor.
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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.02.23

Joshua Blakeney's WWII revisionism: "Japan Bites Back!"

Joshua Blakeney's hard-hitting reporting as Press TV's Canada correspondent earned him the ire of the Israel lobby - and a barely-veiled death threat from a terrorist group, the Jewish Defense League. Now he's back with another controversial project: The new book Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbor.

"In September 2014 Joshua Blakeney undertook extensive archival research at the National Diet Library in Japan. The documents he retrieved, along with the other essays in this book, provide the “Japanese side of the argument” about the origins of the “clash of civilizations” that was WWII in Asia. The bolshevization of China, Western meddling in Asia, Soviet infiltration of the White House, U.S. expansionism in the Pacific, the anti-Japanese provocations which spawned the Pearl Harbor operation and Japan’s Pan-Asianist policies are all subjects explored in the book."

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.02.23

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David Duke Show 2015.02.23

In today's show Dr. Duke discussed recent articles. One talked about Miri Regev, the darling and rising star of the ruling Likud Party, the former spokesman for the military during slaughters in Lebanon and Gaza who called African migrants in Israel "a cancer." She recently publicly proclaimed that she is "happy to be a Fascist." An article from the Jewish-owned Daily Beast called her "Israel's Sarah Palin," but Dr. Duke pointed out the absurdity of the comparison. Miri Regev promotes her group's interest even if it tramples on the rights of other groups, whereas Sarah Palin promotes another group's interests -- those of the Zionists -- even if it tramples on the rights of her own people.
He also discussed an article stating that more and more top European diplomats feel their countries have been supporting the wrong side in the Syrian Civil War. Dr. Duke recalls his statements ever since the beginning of the conflict, which consistently warned that the Syrian "rebels" included al Qaida types that would come to dominate the movement, whereas President Assad and his government represent the forces and tendencies in Syrian society that confirm more closely to both the interests of the Syrian people and the norms and ideals promoted by the West.
He brings on Dr. Slattery, who discusses the Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve. The fact that only Jewish extremists are considered for leadership positions at the Fed proves that its true mission is not to promote economic stability but rather to promote Jewish economic domination.

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Doomcast 79 - 2015.02.22

Dumbcast sort of - Doomcast!

This doomcast Charlie and Doug catch up and talk about the week that was. Topics covered included Ukraine and the skism that is being created by the West's proxy war agains Russia in Syria and across the globe. The Grecian formula to economic crisis sheds light on the power of the printing press.


The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.02.22

Payday Monsanto

Kyle speaks with musician Payday Monsanto. Topics include: Payday's experiences with the Truth Movement, splits and coalitions within the alternative media, fake news, anti-White propaganda and violence, illegal immigration, Jews, Nazis, and much more!

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