February 23, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.02.23

Part 3 of Christ the insurrectionist

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Anonymous said...

Great Show...
CG I wish could go through the whole bible from beginning to end... Is thier any book in the bible that is moral and just? Proverbs? Anyways I wish you would go through the Talmud and expose it as much as you do the bible?

1melahat said...

@nick gomez
The second half of David Duke's audio book, My Awakening(available for free), delves deep into the dark waters of the hate that is the talmud.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, I only remember a show or two, back in the Oracle days, that Charlie did, specifically focusing on the Talmud.

Charlie has made the correct point that the Talmud is really a secondary source for Jewish supremacism, and that its primary source is the Old Testament itself, and especially the Torah.

Critiquing the Bible will alienate a lot of Christian truth seekers, but the Old Testament is both far more relevant today than the Talmud, and it is still used even in Reform Judaism congregations.

In Duke's book, he rightly admits that most Jews today don't follow or defend the principles or teachings of the Talmud. But contrast that with the Old Testament, where you will have many Jews and most Christians alike who will defend the otherwise undefendable (if it weren't said to be from God) in that book.

But the Talmud is significant because it shows the total depravity of a hostile, hyper-tribal elite and their hatred for the rest of humanity. And the excuses for it, from predictable sources like Wikipedia, just highlight the depravity in that document even more, like the excuse about how much Jews were oppressed so much, so that you can perhaps excuse some of them for getting too extreme (ignoring cause and effect, the different times back then of might is right, and the reality of being a self-centred minority group in any majority). But they don't apply that same standard to Martin Luther's calls for burning synagogues, for example.

Anonymous said...

Regardless if Jesus was real or not the learned kike scholars who wrote the New Testament did a horrible job in making him appear as a decent and/or respectable person, let alone a divine being.

That's probably why the catholic church only translated it and did their sermons in Latin. The fact that people still believe that garage is proof that hardly any Christians actually read the bible

Woodchuck said...

Fantastic Charles....I have chills up my spine!