Monday, August 20, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.08.20

John and Ronald talk about John's car wreck with Aunt Jemima, while on his way to the office today.


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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.08.20

Facebook removes Hezbollah sites; Feds Targeting Alternative Media In Information Warfare Campaign;AIPAC Wants War on Iran;Iran chatter whips Israel into a frenzy;Israel Delivers "Or Else" Demands to Obama;Zone of Insanity;‘Obama, Americans Would Support Israeli Attack on Iran:’ Oren;LYNCHINGS HAVE BECOME A SPECTATOR SPORT IN ISRAEL;Exclusive: FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel;Syrian Opposition Admits British Intelligence is Assisting Terrorist FSA Along with U.S., Germany and Turkey;MI6 aid armed rebels in Syria;Syrian delegation goes to Moscow to call for help; Russia Rejects No-Fly Zones As Ploy for Military Intervention; India and Russia Going to Sign Biggest-Ever Defence Deal Worth $ 35 Billion;German Intelligence spies assist the gunmen in Syria ;US Drone Attacks Leave 21 Civilians Dead In Pakistan In Under 48 Hours;US 'should hand over footage of drone strikes or face UN inquiry' - The Independent; Muni condemns controversial bus ad;Pussy Riot and Selective Outrage; Lord Rothschild Betting On Euro Collapse?; Greek PM to meet eurozone leaders this week; Checking In On Marc Faber’s 100% Certainty of Another Recession ; Glenn Beck: Unstoppable Economic Collapse Is Imminent;Peregrine founder pleads not guilty in $200M fraud scheme ;Former Barclays CEO 'held back evidence' ;Jamie Dimon Just Admitted To The World That JPM's Assets Are Overvalued By $150 Billion; Banks Can Legally Steal Customer Funds From Private Checking Accounts;The new robber barons: how taxpayers subsidize CEOs’ multimillion salaries; Supreme Court ruling of Washington State (Fraud) Foreclosure victims can sue the banks via "Consumer Protection Act" ;BEX ALERT - WikiLeaks Cable: "Systemic Insolvency Is Now The Problem, Global Bank Bailout Needed";FLASHBACK - Long-Awaited Wikileaks Secret Bank Of America Files Have Been Destroyed, Or So They Say;Amerika’s Future is Death; Man dies from anthrax-contaminated heroin; 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott dead after jumping off bridge; Tampa Police Riot Control Demo for RNC - (False Flag Watch); Israeli fundraiser for US Rep arrested; Massachusetts GOP Bans Their 16 Ron Paul Delegates From The RNC;Major General: Why Are Domestic Government Agencies Purchashing Enough Lethal Ammunition to Put 5 Rounds In Every American?; Police Shoot Homeless Man 46 Times; Police Warn Internet Users Not To Pay Fines To File-Sharing Fraudsters; New Zealand Decides It Won't Hand Over Megaupload Founder Without A Fight; GRAPHICS: Sinkhole is directly above edge of giant salt dome — Size compared to Superdome; CO2 emissions in US drop to 20-year low; Military's dumped mustard gas closes Gulf of Mexico's Horn Island; Police Busted Smuggling Steroids! THERE IT IS! Drug Test Every Cop In the Country NOW!; Gallup: 54 percent say TSA doing a good job;GM recalls 240K SUVs in cold-weather states; Cities, counties nationwide begin mass aerial sprayings of toxic ‘anti-West Nile Virus’ pesticides ; Should Alabama Man Be Allowed to Keep Late Wife Buried in His Front Yard?;Phoenix Diocese misses abuse-reporting deadline; Japanese beef exports to US postponed;Komen for the Cure caught lying about benefits of mammograms, says BMJ;Yes, fluoride makes you stupid; Dr. Russell Blaylock exposes criminal fraud of Gardasil, HPV vaccinations

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Spingola Speaks 2012.08.20

Guest:  Mike Campbell, author of Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last; Hillary Clinton and the Amelia Earhart Cover-upEyewitness Accounts of What Happened to Amelia Earhart's Plane

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The Jack Blood Show 2012.08.20

Heal that Man/Woman! LOL.

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David Duke Show 2012.08.20

Today: Dr. Duke and Dr. Thring go deep into the Zionist planned war with Iran, there is a deep discussion on Iran, the morality of the nation and the people as compared to the morality of the West under the power of the Ziomedia and Ziowood evil. What is the morality of the young Iranian compared to the young westerner?

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Mark Dankof’s America Aug 18, 2012

Mark Dankof interviews Ms. Shaista Salam of Durban, South Africa concerning what is happening in the Syrian conflict.






The Unsolicited Opinion with Maggie Roddin 2012.08.20

Guest: Phil Turney

When U.S.Navy sailor Phil Tourney saw Israeli planes circling the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, he and his crewmates thought nothing of it, until they started attacking.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.08.20

Some Jew tried to convince Charles that some nigger terrorist made it to the moon instead of Buzz Aldrin and Giuliani wouldn't have any of it lol. Then I called in and told him that these shows were a waste of time and he proceeded to call me a monkey from Canada. LMAO

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