June 05, 2020

George Floyd Memorial Is A SLAP IN THE FACE To The Families Of Those Who Died During COVID-19!!!

"George Floyd’s death is being politicized and it needs to stop! While hundreds of people including politicians and celebrities gathered shoulder to shoulder for the George Floyd Memorial, thousands of families who had loved ones die during the Covid-19 pandemic are barred from holding funerals or even visiting their families. This is hypocritical beyond belief and those who died in hospitals all alone will not be forgotten. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth expresses a heart felt rant about the George Floyd Memorial and how it compares to what some of his friends had to go through when dealing with the death of THEIR loved ones."

If martial law is declared

An interesting wee talk, YMMV

Police Brutality Training - JP

JP... What can I say...?

Former Black Lives Matter Organizer Explains
How The Movement is Being Used by the Elite

Chaziel Sunz
BLM and Antifa exposed!!
Civil unrest Nov. 4th @kingchaziel

YOUNG PHARAOH is giving them "dumbass niggers" a serious whoopin'!

He's warning them that " Black Lives Matter is telling people to "post a blackout" on Tuesday, i.e. not post anything so that Artificial Intelligence can have more time to delete the truth they want to hide.
Black Lies Matter

Canada Orders 37 Million SYRINGES In Preparation For

The population of Canada is 37.5 million so …  (Video Deleted)
Press For Truth
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I will need to get these videos elsewhere...
100% Farm Workers have Covid!? Yeah right!
Forces Behind Riots Engineering Food Shortages Next

As riots erupt in cities across the US, the same forces behind the violence are engineering food shortages to absolutely bring this country to its knees. How could this possibly be achieved?

Ice Age Farmer

"We need a mandate not a petty petition!"
The Covid Lockdown is Terrorism
Max Igan – BitChute TheCrowhouse June 1, 2020

The Greatest Depression Is Here... Plus Floyd Got the Covids and Cops Gone Wild
The Dollar Vigilante

you already know what comes next...

Nancy Pelosi's Champion Level Glitch Out LOL

In Memory of David Dees

"David Dees gave us all a wonderful gift and he will be greatly missed." - Max Igan


The Philosophy of Max Igan
Max Igan - Ascend Podcast - June 2020

“David Dees, the artist, passed away recently.” – Jeff Berwick

LOCKDOWN 2020: Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting

The Dollar Vigilante - Jun 4, 2020

Tucker Carlson: "Our leaders dither as our cities burn."

Not a bad monologue for a mainstream commentator...

Fox News
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"Sage " Chris Hadfield's Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS :)

This dude is so sickening. He is a liar and a psychopath extraordinaire. I was waiting for him to pull out his guitar and break into song!! LOL A true silver tongue for the establishment's fraudulent space program.

Rivers Run Blood Red

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2020.06.03

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Guest - Jack Mullen Riot bullshit. (callers too)

The Real Deal Archives

Jim on BitChute

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2020.06.03

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at Rense.com and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - William Gheen  - RINOs Take Out Rep Steve King

Download Hour 2 - George Filer  - Filer's Files UFO Report

Download Hour 3 - Dr. Henry Niman PhD  - Nightly Coronavirus Report

64k CF
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In Memory of Dave

Is Jerome Powell the Real Keyser Soze?

This is the first of as many episodes as it takes to explain how that theft mechanism in the Federal Reserve monetary system known as, well-- reserves--systematically reduces everyone to debt peonage over time, and directly contravenes the rule of law. Because reserves are so crucial to the privately owned Federal Reserve’s kleptomaniacal monetary system, it should come as no surprise that they are almost totally obscured in that tell-tale haze and din of ginned-up debate. And because reserves ARE so important to the day-to-day functioning of the Fed’s continuous theft machine, this episode takes special pains to ensure that the role of reserves as an unremitting con gets seared into viewers' memories for some time to come. Links to the materials discussed at the end of the video: