August 24, 2014

No Agenda Episode 646 - "Boundless Barbarity" - 2014.08.24

Hobby Lobby Follow-Up; Moral Self Licensing; NWO; Caliphate!; TARP 2.0; EUROLand - AIRSPACE CONTROL; Words Matter; Furgeson; SDR; Agenda 21; Deutschland Blitzkrieg; F-Russia; Ebola Afrika; Mac 'n Cheese; NA-Tech; Bank$ters; 2nd Half; Vaccine$; Cultural Marxism, and all your usual listening whilst murdering your other half and burying the body in the woods favourites.

The Sunday Show


Blacklisted Radio Live - 2014.08.23

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.

In this episode we look at the origins and hype surround ISIS and the new relationships and alliances this created for the West.


Texe Marrs Podcast 8/15/2014 - Obama Follows the Protocols of Zion—No Borders, Unbridled Immigration, and the North American Union

America is suffering a massive, never ending invasion by immigrants from Latin America and all the world. Texe Marrs reveals that this is no accident. It is orchestrated, and President Obama is obeying and will accelerate The Protocols of Zion, which prescribes the end of our national border and the merging of the races, cultures, and creeds. Only Judaism is to survive. Meanwhile, the Council on Foreign Relations follows the Protocols with its plan for the North American Union.


CDC Vaccine Whistleblower
*Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History

Retreating from the Cloud: Why Cloud Computing's silver lining may be losing its lustre

A number of businesses are choosing not to put their data in the cloud. The leader of an open-source project to allow firms to build a Dropbox alternative on their own servers discusses why hype about cloud services is failing to meet reality.
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*No, your data is not secure in the Cloud
*The Dark Side of Cloud Computing (w/Infographic)