October 14, 2013

AFP Radio Network 10/14/2013

AMERICAN FREE PRESS Roving Editor Mark Anderson welcomes back Mike Robinson, editor of the UK Column newspaper in Britain. Anderson and Robinson will cover recent big headlines in the U.S. and abroad and assess the status of Bilderberg, among other hot topics--including the philosophy of reporting and innovative news-gathering ideas to better compete with the mainstream media.             Show-page

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Spingola Speaks 2013.10.14

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Daniels, the author of The Lethal Dose: Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It

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David Duke Show 2013.10.14

Today: Dr. David Duke has a special guest, the brilliant economist Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina. In the beginning of the show Dr. Duke discusses the latest articles on DavidDuke.com and goes into the nature of Jewish racism and intolerance. He quotes an email he received from a reader who suggested that Dr. Duke was metonymic and Dr. Duke explains the term and shows why the truth is that the Ziomedia is the truly metonymic entity as illustrated by the reaction to the death of Rabbi Yosef, who is supposedly the greatest modern authority on Jewish teaching, and yet says that the purpose of Gentiles is to serve Jews. He also said that genocide against perceived Jewish enemies such as the Palestinians is the will of God! Is it biased to suppose that the foundations of Judaism are racist and even genocidal when the praised authority on the Jewish religion says precisely the same thing? Then Adrian Salbuchi comes on to comment about the issue and then later go into depth on the newly appointed, head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen... "Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss"!

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.10.14

Conclusion of the Lewis and Clark Discussion and then Charles talks about captain William Morgan who had second thoughts about his involvement with Freemasonry and his subsequent murder. Jew stereotypes. The assassination of Pat Tillman.


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Raising Strong and Free Children

Heks and Sin√©ad gather this Sunday to discuss the best ways to raise a strong and free child in today's insane world.  They discuss common misconceptions with pre-natal care, birth, and child rearing as well as take callers to join in the dicussion

Adolf Hitler - The greatest story Never told (Full 6 hours Documentary)

This is the complete series, so get it while you can. Documentaries biased or unbiased always contain true facts. It is up to the investigators (or people that will watch them) to make their own research and gather all the facts afterwards. It shouldn't be some corporate filter that will declare the "truth" to the sheeple.