September 01, 2020

The Perfect Triangle With Giuseppe


Giuseppe and Scorpio interview podcaster and YouTuber Sarah Westall


SHOCKING ADMISSION: CDC Says Over 90% of Deaths Weren't COVAIDS19 and 90% of Tests False Positives

So let’s get this straight – based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths due entirely to the China coronavirus? We were first to report that the Director General of the WHO on March 3, 2020 a set off the panic with his highly flawed statement:

"While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease. Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected."

A new report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that in 94 percent of the cases of those who died from COVID-19, another disease was also at work on the victim. “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned,” the CDC stated in its report, under the heading “Comoborbities.”

Testing What Does the Research Show

News starts at around 2:45, if you want to skip her training course info.

The Invisible Rainbow — being enshrouded in the 5G network and its consequences

Arthur Firstenberg is an American scientist, author and activist who has been on the forefront warning about the environmental and health effects of electricity and electromagnetic frequencies for 35 years and more recently 5G technology. He was among the early pioneering voices to warn about the risks of electronically admitted EMFs during the start of the internet and wireless revolution. In 1997 Arthur founded the Cellular Phone Task Force, which serves as a clearing house of scientific data about the health risks of radio frequency radiation from cellular phones, base stations and wireless facilities. More recently he has been the administrator of the 5G Space Appeal to call world attention to the international scientific community’s warnings about the assault on our biosphere from the 10s of 1000s of planned satellites to bring 5G to the planet. Arthur graduated Phi Beta Kappa in mathematics from Cornell University, he attended the University of California School of Medicine at Irvine for four years before suffering injuries from excessive X-ray overdose. Arthur is the author of several books, the most recent being “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life.” His websites are and

The Jewish Role In The Porn Industry