September 27, 2020

Utopia (2020)

The Final Countdown Reloaded

This dovetails nicely with the video I posted from the UN channel "Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times | Presented by Thandie Newton" In that video, the UN tries to sell the use of cell phones globally, to lift the children out of poverty around the world. This would educate them.. Yeah right!!! FUCKERS!!!!! Who needs a social security scheme to track the populous in this coming hellish age? It would be wonderful if people would get rid of their cell phones!! It's the cheese in the mousetrap that Noor's cartoon joked about a few weeks back. Your phone is how they will implement world communism after they smash it with the Covid. The UN is right on track with their projected 2030 timeline as we sit in a collective trance of narcissism.

Your Saturday Cartoons: Election Madness: September 25, 2020

George Lincoln Rockwell on (((Communist Counter Sub-Race)))

Laurel Canyon - Counter-culture psyop pt.1

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