May 07, 2021

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Nurses Speaking Out, etc...

Fishing For Grass Pike?
 Doctor Refuses to Accept Vaccinated Patients
 Ask The Nurses Podcast Episode 8
With Special Guests Peggy Hall and Dr. Tommy John
*Suggested by Zeebra *
This is not a vaccine
Dr. Larry Palevsky
 The Great Waiting
Thomas Sheridan

 Dr. John Lee, Prof of Pathology UK - Unlocked Documentary!
Ivor Cummins

Federal Reserve Bank President "Stunned"
* Suggested by Chains *
The Declaration of Individual Independence
The Anarchast

When a Liberal Finally Becomes Conservative
Awaken With JP
 The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis
 Academy of Ideas
 Nurse in Halifax Breaks Her Silence!