May 07, 2021

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Nurses Speaking Out, etc...

Fishing For Grass Pike?
 Doctor Refuses to Accept Vaccinated Patients
 Ask The Nurses Podcast Episode 8
With Special Guests Peggy Hall and Dr. Tommy John
*Suggested by Zeebra *
This is not a vaccine
Dr. Larry Palevsky
 The Great Waiting
Thomas Sheridan

 Dr. John Lee, Prof of Pathology UK - Unlocked Documentary!
Ivor Cummins

Federal Reserve Bank President "Stunned"
* Suggested by Chains *
The Declaration of Individual Independence
The Anarchast

When a Liberal Finally Becomes Conservative
Awaken With JP
 The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis
 Academy of Ideas
 Nurse in Halifax Breaks Her Silence!

Quaccines: Friends only, to the undertaker

Academy of Ideas
1.02M subscribers

ansonia to Max Flasher:
Phenomenal video. So powerful, so worth watching. I re-watched and wrote down the 4 things we can do. (I say “4” because number 5 just seems to be: “dedicate yourself to doing the first 4”. No ?)
Max Flasher:
Here’s a Quillette article that goes along with the video.

“There is plenty to recommend about The Delusions of Crowds. It is laden with great anecdotes and the writing is always engaging. One comes away with the sense that civilization operates on narrow margins and is always on the verge of collapsing into irrationality.”

“His chapters on the Swabian Peasants’ War and Anabaptist uprisings are terrifying depictions of the end-times frenzy that wreaked havoc on northern Europe throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. The distance between these events in the German-speaking world and, say, the Reign of Terror in France or the Chinese Cultural Revolution is not that great. And the speed with which apparently reasonable people moved from the embrace of a new theological idea to a willingness to torture those whose own theological ideas diverged even slightly is startling.“

The Great Waiting
Thomas Sheridan II
The Great Psychotic End Game

The psychopaths go from psychopathic to psychotic in their latter stage of “development” (more accurately: latter stage of under-development).

We are witnessing a Psychotic Breakdown with the attending idiocy. The western psychopathic control grid is collapsing and going into psychosis. Clown World revealed.

He recommends something everybody seems to be doing: “Wait and watch it die.”

So you see: you don’t have to feel guilty or impotent just because you’re not doing anything besides waiting. What a relief! {{{smiles}}}
The Real Reasons For Lockdown
Alexander Page – Shape Your Nature

"There is something being passed from people who have been shot with the poison, to others who have not gotten the shot. We should be quarantining those people who are injected with this poison."

- Dr Larry Palevsky

"During the m-RNA C19 vax clinical trials on human volunteers, Pfizer was very interested in knowing about the effects of exhaled breath and physical touch on those who did not receive the vax notably pregnant women and warned participants to keep a safe distance from the latter.

This is in the Pfizer report on clinical trials of the mRNA vaccine, p.67-68.

This shows that particles created by the m-RNA or non-m-RNA vaccines … are transmitting/shedding spike proteins and/or toxins generated by chemical reactions in the body between the ingredients in the vax and cellular chemicals via the skin, breath and sweat of recipients of the vax."

Reader Claims Vaccines Will Harm Unvaccinated

A new study has confirmed that people who have been vaccinated against COVID produce excessive spike proteins that are capable of passing the Blood Brain Barrier causing irreparable damage to the brain — and Pfizer’s own documents warn that vaccinated people actually shed these excessive spike proteins putting the unvaccinated at risk for harm.
Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated
May 4, 2021 By CFT Team -- 13 Comments

Dr. Baker Refuses to Accept Vaccinated Patients
He will not let those who made a bad decision...

Ask The Nurses Podcast Episode 8
With Special Guests Peggy Hall and Dr. Tommy John
*Suggested by Zeebra *
A Brave Cat Tests The Quaccine
FOIA Update

Donald Jeffries - It's Not Getting Any Better


* Suggested by Chains *
Dancing Fool
Dr. John Lee, Prof of Pathology UK - Unlocked Documentary!
Ivor Cummins
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Parrot Pirate Song
When a Liberal Finally Becomes Conservative
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These Hummingbirds change their colors


Jiri VonDrak



Panzerfaust said...

Jamming a litany of videos, pics, and bold text into one post is a major turn-off. Makes it look like a geocities kook page.

Voltman said...

Hey Panzerfrost!
You're a fucking idiot!
Just go away! I have no patience for shitheads like you.

Albert said...

I found THIS Talk very Good !!! :-) 43 minutes ...


Chains said...

Voltman, Panzerfaust is woke bro! He is very close to solving 911. Show some respect!
Further If I knew how to do your info bombs, Scorp would have not asked for a divorce! LOL

Albert said...

Almost the ONLY "Take-Away" I discern from Posters who CON-stantly TRY to: Dis-Courage others ...

Rather than taking such criticisms as to Pertaining in ANY-WAY: Towards (((their)))-TARGET ...

--> As "just" LOWERING (((them)))-(the-Critical-Poster): yet-further in MY Estimation !!! ;-)

Sort of Like: IF the (((mainstream))) Says: "Get the 'jab' ..."

--> You KNOW: Don't in ANY WAY in Hell ... "Get"-the-POISON-Bioweapon-DEATH-Injection !!! ;-)

"Hesitancy" ...... (((you))) THINK!? ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...


The FIRST 2-minutes of my Above-Link:

Has WAY toooo LOUD Music-Volume !!! :-o

Panzerfaust said...


Panzerfaust said...
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Panzerfaust said...

Tell us your ideas on what brought the buildings down and blew concrete into dust and scattered firemen for blocks.

Chains said...

Other Turn-offs for Panzerfaust LOL

1. Long fingernails

2. Nagging or talking too much

3. Poor bed making skills

4. Eating with her mouth open

5. Flirting with other men

6. Being mean and bitchy when 911 topic is raised

7. Wearing too much perfume

8. Discussing ex-boyfriends dick size

9. Baby talk and calling him pet names in public

10. Being too ‘handsy’ in public

Chains said...

Dude 911 was an occult ritual of power and control of the slaves.
It's done, and we are in a real time attack right now. Get it?

Chains said...

For the record Scorp I have no animosity and when I made the crack about you asking me for a divorce, I was just poking fun at you. Just clarifying, in case it came off some other way.

Amanda said...

Wow! Thanks again for compiling all of these. And I loved the videos of the cat and the dancing bird. There are some pretty cute ones out there of dancing cockatoos--one goes nuts over "welcome to the jungle"- which is always good for a break from the covid insanity.

inthemix16 said...

Personally i find the best part of this site is the concoction of different sites to view. Its not the same old same old. Especially it gives posters an opportunity to give suggestions that normally wouldn't be here. @Chains. the we had @Chainsawmillerman. Hmm. Probably nothing , but i found the latter posts quite different along with that DOD memo this week. Only Mike Smith/KnownUnknow had a bad habit of always coming here endlessly trying to make this blog look like a bunch of little old ladies with their panties in a bunch , but even he ,it,whatever, had some great points ,and speaking of.. I didnt know Rense car accident was just after a Liberty show ? Yes. Rense lost BN. BN was very forthcoming on his site as to the reasons, which ive kinda lobbied to get his posts here. I cant think of anyone ive learned so much from . That situation was a tough call. I could see both points. I do think Rense is feeling the heat. Yes. He looses Gary Holland its lights out. You can tell JR is thinking outside the box out of necessity . Dr. Robert Young . A huge NACLO2 proponent. If you listen to the show, its so obvious they had a pre show agreement that Young would not say "Chlorine Dioxide" . Rense has a collar around his neck thats for sure. Its who, himself , or outside i dont know. Never know , maybe BN , was just a little too " hot" for him at this present time. @Chains you do have the benefit of the doubt for sure, but you did get the spidey sense out of dormant stage after a long week. Happy Hunting this weekend ;)

inthemix16 said...

This cant be true! One gutsy fucker thats for sure. Time will tell i suppose ..Anyone?


Amanda said...

Please read and share this everywhere- message from Dr. Michael Yeadon on the vaccine passports:

Chains said...

"The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis"

This was good video Volt.

I'm not a sports fan most of my extended family are. At Easter we finally got together as an almost complete immediate family with brother and sister in-laws.

My father who is in his 80's wanted to watch curling and I noticed the cardboard cutouts of people in the stands. If that is not proof we have all gone insane I don't know what is. I actually said exactly the term above. "We are living in a mass psychosis" There was not a word by  anyone in the family. I was told however by my sister, "Lets just keep it light and have a nice visit". I raised the covid issue and the general state of society again at dinner and this time my brother in law told me that we were not going to discuss this topic. I then told them that unfortunately you can't pick your family and you are my family and you are going to hear my thoughts  on this. :) We ended up having a pretty good discussion about things but unfortunately my family want to hide from reality of where we are headed. So there is a deeper control that our society's controllers has managed to establish. I now know there will never be a mass awakening until we have nothing and even then I wonder if there will ever be any push back. My guess is they will announce that we must all work together to get out of this mess. Most will accept that and once again dismiss the reality of how we got to where we are. No?

Albert said...

I am JUST Starting to Listen to THIS Latest Harry-Vox ... so I can't "vouch" for anything ... ;-)

coincidenceskeptic said...

Biohazard tats for the vaccinated.

Mike Smith said...

oh Yeah..

Please subscribe to my channel. Right NOW!!
Listen to what informative information I am going to talk about!

And, most important, I mean, extremely important... I NEED your donations, as many Shekels as possible.

Tell your neighbors!
Yahwee will bless you.

PS: Or is it Jewee?

Thank you.
'Hermann the German'

Albert said...

The above Vox is one of his BEST !!! :-)

par said...

..nice image memes! ..those pictures are a thousand words in cubic!

par said...

Remember to educate yourself on "this is not a vaccine that immunizes" moniker running from many doctors..

..per definition an adjuvant is an added poison to trigger an inflammation in the body and the "counting the amount of inflammation incurred" are the main "scientific proof" the "vaccine" has an "immune response effect" and thus "have a significant effect of immunizing" from the claimed virus..

Go dig a hole for the "viruses do not exist red herring" the definition of virus and read the wikipedia article on "Koch's postulates" before discussing (like a red herring fool) ..on the "wikipedia is full of shit argument" we have to reason with the good points and hints provided and add more insights and applicable methods ourselves.. is at a bare minimum something to start in..

The viruses normally included in "vaccines" are never purified free from the cells they are grown in! ..meaning you get "computer DNA/RNA/mtDNA/bio-molecules from a host of different organisms (in fact the real Chimera-moniker is a joinder of different organisms of different biological life form domains (..check the word Domain or "dominus/domus/domen/"house" in wikipedia and educate your terminology please)..

The immunization argument is really not scientific ..and hiding the structure of creating "sitting ducks for the elites" in altering your biology from gene inserts past the natural barriers that will reprogram you against nature and against your natural function..

The big "genie in the bottle" here is that inserted DNA/RNA/mtDNA/foreign-proteins-et-al into your body forced past the natural barrier will create havoc and "change you" ..previously it was making the immune system your own enemy from conflating your sex organs and sexual hormonal system (your endocrine system) starting to take it out since they insert (since decades back) cells and proteins from pig uterus.. generates infertility in both males and females since the proteins from the pig uterus is similar enough to your sexual cells in your body and the immune system will start to target it!

There are so many adults turned into "Peanut allergic's" in old age due to the addition of peanut oil as adjuvant in many "quackcines" and the list of foreign "re-programmer of you" is so long from a single (previous generations) "immunization shot" it should make you scared for life to even consider any near and dear to you approached y these witch masters aiming their bio weapons against your loved ones!

par said...


The natural function is that natural "upgrade programming of the immune system" follows the classical "child diseases" and all other factors one want gain to become competent in managing health for a long successful life should all go the natural way and the "small pox scare" went away despite "immunization program" if you care to sort out the facts from fiction-eous marketing slime-talk..

Tenoenny et al tries to "be a bit friend with their (criminal cohorts of licensed doctors) with "separating the current injections as "not immunizing injections"..

I am happy to see Judy (Jew) Mikovits starting to get so radical as to almost sound like a learned and intelligent herbalist or "Örtagubbe" as one in the branch of the traditional healers was named in the Norse area.. ..also the "Bone-body-hand-palmists" (Kot-knackare) were viciously hunted down by the emerging real quackery of the military-medicine-mafia making its incursion by the secret-societies-project of "master-slave-systems" to out compete to rid all competition of ancient wisdom tradition/customs..

Long one ..but beware the "vaccine discussion" is settled as Quackery more than hundred years back by actual serious scientific inquire as I have pointed many times to Patrick Jordan proudly guarding and reprinting Crockshak's book - here in Patricks wording:

"Edgar March Crookshank and reported in History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 1 without lies, distortions or omissions that are found in all of the medical books on vaccines. The reason that the legal system has an oath for The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth is because if you were asked: Are vaccines safe? and you replied: Yes, then that would fall under the rule of a partial truth as in the case of James A. Shannon, National Institutes of Health, "The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used." That's a pretty damning phrase from someone so high up. Is he still alive or did he have an 'accident' after that revelation?

Nothing But The Truth would then follow: vaccines are not even safe to make since they are manufactured in BioSaftey Level 3 (maybe even 4) conditions, the glass vial might break, and anyone exposed to such a biological warfare agent even from the victim shedding is subject to disease or death."

Mike Smith said...


Most of today's "youth" in western societies/countries, are more concerned with that trash on their 'smart phones' then they are with issues that actually matter, like the future of their country, the state of the world, or historical truth.
As the Jews push relentlessly for a war with Iran, college and university students are too busy drinking, partying and popping pills to even notice.
As organized Jewry deliberately flood all White Western Nations with massive hordes of non-white immigrants, white college kids for the most part embrace the death of their own race and culture, indeed, they cheer it on.
All that concerns these degenerate dregs of society is sex, drugs, alcohol and entertainment.

'Hermann the German'

Panzerfaust said...

A lot of regular shows have passed since Wednesday. Just saying.

Panzerfaust said...

ITEL with BB9 and Fetch

The Raw Deal Dr Fetzer with Kevin McCarin, PhD, on COVID starting at the bottom of hr 1

Operation Scorpio

username: revradio
password: rocks!

Panzerfaust said...

False Flag Weekly News, Dr Kevin Barrett's co-host is Dr E Michael Jones

davID²³ said...

Are you lot **still** whining with each other about 9/11?
If you check the main UK 9/11 research forum - we discussed DEWs and The Hutchison Effect back in 2005....

..we solved 99.23% of the collapse back then.

davID²³ said...


I said DEWs not JEWs.

Panzerfaust said...

Oy vey it was secret invisible energy beams