December 22, 2014

Voice of Albion with Paul Hickman 2014.12.22

Raivis ZeltÄ«ts is a board member of  National Alliance (Latvia). The NA consists of two former Parties  “All For Latvia!” and “For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK”.
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Spingola and Friends 12/22/2014

Wayne from Canada, Deanna, Werner and Renate devoted the program to Hans Krampe who just passed away; Wayne's tribute to Hans.
The Hans Krampe Interviews 
The Holocaust Mega-post
The New Babylon - PDF
Who Controls America?

*'Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told'
*Hitler's Shadow - In the Service of the Fuehrer
*The Brainwashing of the German Nation

9/11 False Flag - American Traitors & Mossad - Where are the Oath Keepers? - Ken O'Keefe
*The Role of 9/11 in Justifying Torture and War
*9/11:Israel did it
*The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11
*Fox Banned News 9-11 The Israeli Connection
*There is no evidence that Muslims did 9/11
*Jewish Fingerprints All Over 9-11
*David Chandler 2010 "9/11 Analysis"
*Who Controls America?
*Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler PDF

This is the third and final volume of a trilogy describing the role of the American corporate socialists, otherwise known as the Wall Street financial elite or the Eastern Liberal Establishment, in three significant twentieth-century historical events: the 1917 Lenin- Trotsky Revolution in Russia, the 1933 election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States, and the 1933 seizure of power by Adolf Hitler in Germany.
Each of these events introduced some variant of socialism into a major country — i.e., Bolshevik socialism in Russia, New Deal socialism in the United States, and National socialism in Germany.
Contemporary academic histories, with perhaps the sole exception of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy And Hope, ignore this evidence. On the other hand, it is understandable that universities and research organizations, dependent on financial aid from foundations that are controlled by this same New York financial elite, would hardly want to support and to publish research on these aspects of international politics. The bravest of trustees is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds his organization.
It is also eminently clear from the evidence in this trilogy that "public-spirited businessmen" do not journey to Washington as lobbyists and administrators in order to serve the United States. They are in Washington to serve their own profit-maximizing interests. Their purpose is not to further a competitive, free-market economy, but to manipulate a politicized regime, call it what you will, to their own advantage.
It is business manipulation of Hitler's accession to power in March 1933 that is the topic of
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. 

Note: Anthony Sutton was not a 'crackpot conspiracy theorist'. He was an economics professor at California State University, a research fellow at the Hoover Institute and the the author of many other intriguing books. Strangely, once he discovered the trail of  conspiracy, his career in academics came to an abrupt end. Needless to say, this is more information Hitler lovers will not want to read.

David Duke Show 2014.12.22

Hear Dr. David Duke discuss the real reason why the US government is hostile towards North Korea--and no, it is not because that nation has an appalling human rights record, or because it is armed with nuclear weapons: it is simply because that country is hostile towards Israel! Joining Dr. Duke is Dr. Patrick Slattery, who also discusses the Zio-influence in creating degeneracy in the media and culture through the promotion of hatred, violence and drugs through music.

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The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.12.21


Kyle interviews Gerhard Ausmeier, a man who grew up in East Germany after World War II and was miraculously able to escape the Soviet state. They will discuss what life was like for Germans after the terrifying defeat, how he was able to leave the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR), his experiences afterward in the West and the East, and what he thinks about the current state of affairs in our world today.

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