December 22, 2013

Voice of Albion 2013.12.22

The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 11 Freedom: the illusion and the reality
• Education of the young
• Manhood and Womanhood
• Physical education and its importance for the youth
• Ethics of Social Services in a Nationalist State
• Birth rates
• The repeal of Abortion and (pro) Homosexuality legislation

The destructive role of C18 and it’s allies.
Spearhead – September 1995
SF Combat 18 thread

Picture: Charlie Sargent, one time leader of Combat 18 now serving life for murdering a fellow C18 member Chris Castle in 1998.

The White Network
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No Agenda - NA 576 - 2013.12.22 - Mysterious Erratic

Distraction of the Week; SnowJob; Armageddon; Chiners (F Them); Slave Training; Agenda 21; Squirrel!; $hadow Puppet Theatre; Ministry of Truth; Drone Nation; EUROLand and much more on this Pre-Christmas show.

They love Mac'n'Cheese for Christmas!


Fast and Furious - The Twin Towers

*Fast and Furious - 9/11 Reactions

*Fast and Furious - WTC7

*Shear Ignorance NIST and WTC7

*9/11 Analysis

*Israeli involvement exposed

Fast and Furious - 9/11 Reactions

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

 Sunday, and honestly I did want to skip doing this rant for one week while I am trying to get some rest and relaxation, but what I found this last week has made me decide to absolutely not miss this one at all... 

Why Cops Pull The Trigger: Pulling Back The Curtain On Police Shootings

Tyler Comstock got into an argument with his father because he wouldn’t buy him a pack of cigarettes. When Comstock drove away in his father’s truck, his father called the cops to intervene. His father lamented afterward, “It was over a damn pack of cigarettes. … And I lose my son for that.”

Criminal justice professor and former Baltimore police officer Peter Moskos said the family was wrong to call the police. While many think officers play a role in community affairs, Moskos says police view their jobs otherwise. “This idea that cops are always at your beck and call is the basis of the 911 system and it doesn’t work,” Moskos said. “When you call the police, you have to remember what cops do is arrest people. If you don’t want to be arrested, you probably shouldn’t call the police.”

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I don't know whats worse anymore, calling the cops or inviting vampires into your house?  One will spill your blood and the other will drink it.  I think if I had to choose I'd pick Elvira any day.

‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hitler’


Give em hell Rodney!  LOL

UK Started Online Filtering

UK Prime Minster has started censoring the worldwide web for the entire country, and now millions of BT customers are Internet censored from all those things that David Cameron doesn’t like. The Internet service provider confirmed that the filter is on and working.

New BT customers will have to choose on whether they want to activate the parental controls. They will also have to explain to BT why they refuse and in this case there’s a chance that their IP address will be flagged to be closely watched by GCHQ. As for existing BT customers, those will be contacted by the company during the next year and asked if they want to activate the controls and allow the government to decide what they can access.

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Come on guys it's for the children. It's always for the "Children"