February 03, 2014

The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.02.03

Henry Makow: "NWO is throwback to totalitarian Judaism"

Henry Makow says the statist, collectivist, totalitarian ideologies and control-freak leaders of the New World Order have roots in "totalitarian Judaism." But don't start calling Henry an anti-Semite - he's from a Jewish background himself, cites Israel Shahak's work in support of his thesis, and says that most Jews are victims and/or dupes of these evil forces.

Chased out of the university by the forces of denial and political correctness, Henry Makow is the author of several books including Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World, Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order, and the brand-new Illuminati 2: Deceit and Seduction.

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Let's Unite To End The Fed

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Iconocunt strikes again LOL

Read more here: Veronica Clark Historical Misinformationalist

I can't figure out if this is just a conversation or is it shop talk amongst shills? 

I wonder, does Iconocunts job consist of exposing agents and provocateurs after they have served their purpose.  

Maybe to make people feel hopeless like when they found out Obama and Ron Paul turned out to be shills?

VT takes Judy Woods to the woodshed. 2.2.2014

VT calls in to a show Judy is selling her book on and puts her to the task. You decide if she failed the test or not. Cartoon Chris calls in and shatters reality with a question that no-one seems to want to touch. La Quenelle!


The French are fed up!

 Are the French finally fed up with being threatened with arrest and jail should they question the holocaust? Are they finally fed up with French government officials bowing and kissing the hands of Israeli leaders while issuing harsh penalties against French citizens they deem guilty of “anti-Semitism”?  Thanks for the scoop G.
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The Insurgent Radio 12.17.2013

This is a special addition of MIR (Might Is Right) with Big Billy Rice. Tom Comments about the "Duck Dynasty" implosion and goes over some news. Corn Cobbs still in jail and Tom wants everyone to send him a postcard or letter. Maybe a nice pineapple upside down cake with a file.


David Duke Show 2014.02.03

Today: Dr. David Duke has special guest Don Black who has the radio show preceeding Dr. Duke's on the Rense Radio Network. In today's show Dr. Duke begins by talking about the enormous hypocrisy of the Jewish racists who control American media and advertising illustrated by the Cheerios commercial while the same Jewish media bosses support racist Israel who is in an uproar over the Prime ministers son simply dating a "Shiksa" the Jewish term denoting woman Gentile Whore" ! They support the state of Israel which does not even allow a marriage to be performed between a Jew and a Genitle! From this platform Dr. Duke and Mr. Black go into the Jewish programming of Europeans and other races to become atomistic and form no united effort agains the Jewish racists who have seized control over American academia, media, finance and politics! Lots of advice is offered for young activists in how to overcome Jewish media programming in understanding our own core beliefs and how to effectively present them to friends, family and society at large.

Note: I will not be posting every David Duke show. You can download them from the Rense site. Link below

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No Agenda - NA588 - "Hero Vs Heroin" - 2014.02.02

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War ON Drugs? No, it's the War FOR Drugs!


Dresden bombing, Britain’s and USA's forgotten war crime of WWII

Over 700,000 phosphorus bombs were dropped on 1.2 million defenseless inhabitants of German city Dresden under Britain’s then Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s order, which not only reduced one of the greatest centers of northern Europe to flaming ruins, but also led to one of the worst war crimes of the Second World War.
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 I'm very sorry Theding, This atrocity will be avenged. Deutschland!

9/11 Truther interrupts Super Bowl MVP's Post Game Interview

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Lindsey Narrates!

The Financial 911 of September 11, 2008

Lindsey Narrates