Monday, February 3, 2014

Lindsey Narrates!

The Financial 911 of September 11, 2008

Lindsey Narrates


The Persian Drum said...

I appreciate these well-read recordings that Lindsey is doing, from the Protocols to his narration of the Book of Esther and now this article. I can access the audio while working at my desk, so thanks for this handy communication tool Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

It is my pleasure, Brother.

This was the most devastating single-day financial-attack in WORLD-HISTORY, and the information is so critically-important that I decided to narrate it so that it would be able to be on YouTube-ADL, primarily.

If there is one narration besides THE PROTOCOLS and "Peak Oil: A Misleading zionist Scam", that I recommend people share, it is "The Financial 911 of September 11, 2008".

Folks, PLEASE get this information to as many people as you possibly can, either via the narration, but PREFERABLY in the written form because this is something that is more easily understood and appreciated when it is seen, rather than when it is heard.

Thank you, again, Mr. Whooli, for sharing this most important information with the people here.