December 20, 2020

No Agenda Episode 1305 - "Palin Pardon" - 2020.12.20


Question: WHY Have ONLY The Most Extreme Experimental "Vaccines" Been Authorized For Emergency Use? Moderna Emergency Use Authorized


 I am continuing my relentless attack on this scam-demic, as now we have the proof positive that this has indeed been and continues to be the GREATEST HOAX IN HUMAN HISTORY.... I find myself now trying to reach out more and more to the gullible sheep out there showing them the evidence that since these freaks running this scam-demic have NEVER isolated or shown evidence of this 'deadly virus' in any laboratory around the world, then logically and rationally IT DOES NOT EXIST... BUT it continues to be a massive uphill battle as most of the people that I have been trying to knock some sense into over the last few weeks with that evidence of fraud have simply ignored me... Most of them are in fact wanting so desperately to throw their lives away instead by wanting these criminal freaks to inject them with their deadly 'vaccines'!!

OK, about those 'vaccines'... I am continuing to see a bit of information coming through in spite of the criminals doing their worse at 'censorship' concerning the horrendous side effects, or what should properly be called the effects, of these so called 'vaccines'.... I also find it so appalling that these 'vaccines' are nothing of the sort and are indeed experimental concoctions used on the suckers that are stupid enough to have them shot into their bodies... Basically what we have happening is experimentation on human beings being conducted on a world wide basis using chemicals and other deadly compounds for a 'virus' that does not even exist.... Human beings are actually being used as 'lab rats' for these experiments, which to me is diabolical...

And I am not alone in my view on these 'vaccines' being used to experiment on human beings like "lab rats", for I want to present the latest article that comes courtesy of my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario outside of Toronto, and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Her article, which is the same as the title of my own overall article, does indeed touch on the fact that only the most extreme and dangerous of these 'vaccines' have actually been 'approved' for "emergency use" on human beings, and thus those who are actually stupid enough to take them are indeed LABORATORY RATS!!!  HERE in fact is Penny's article in its entirety and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

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