December 23, 2022

WHENSDAY DROP - STOCK UP ON TEA LIGHTS & Be Sure To Tell Santa You Want an AR-15 - DECEMBER 23, 2022



Is Bullstream Media Getting SADS? Sudden Asshole Demise Syndrome?

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Willingly taking part in mass genocide for a check. Just as guilty in my book as any others. Hang them all. Does the wiping out of the news people mean they are shifting to something else and no longer need any propaganda. Will they go from selling it to the public to shoving it up the public's but and down their throat?
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The White Sepulcher House Applauds Jewloonsky Who Imposes Insane Lockdowns on Freezing Ukrainians While Russia Prepares To Clobber NATO

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President Zelensky traveled to Washington on Wednesday to ask for additional support for the war. He took Air Force One but did not dress up for the occasion. As he travels in luxury, the people of Ukraine are on lockdowns and soldiers are facing worse and worse conditions. Peace! Now!

Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO

The Neoconderthals Provoked Russia - May Russia Blast The Shit Out of Them!
"Calling NATO a defensive alliance is like calling ISIS freedom fighters."