May 19, 2014

The Spingola Zone at AFP 5/19/2014

Deanna's guests are Eric Hunt, the creator of the very popular The Last Days of the Big Lie (2011) The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax (2014), & The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax and Friedrich Paul Berg.

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Zionist Canada bows to the jew scam holocaust religion

Officials of the Harper regime recently announced the construction of a new “holocaust” monument in Ottawa set to be completed in the fall of 2015.
It should come as no surprise that the Harper regime is backing this new holocaust monument project, considering that the ruling neo-conservatives in Ottawa have openly expressed their adherence to Jewish supremacist ideology on numerous occasions. Harper and his lackeys in Parliament have incessantly praised the apartheid state of Israel (a nation birthed through ethnic cleansing and mass terror) and have vehemently denounced those who challenge or criticize Israeli imperialism and state-terrorism.
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David Duke Show 2014.05.19

Dr. David Duke begins by a great segment on the recent article by Jewish researcher Paul Eisen who exposes the fact that Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum literally overlooks the site of Dier Yassin mass murder site and mass grave, a perfect metaphor of the whole Holocaust saturation of the worldwide zio media. No museums or remembrances for the untold greater number of Gentile victims of Jewish murderers such as occurred in the Red Terror! Then he is joined by Dr. Patrick Slattery and he discusses his new article on the "whitewashing" of Donald Sterling which shows how the Jewish treatment of Sterling in relation to his Jewishness is quite revealing. A great show, share it, and be sure to support the Illustrated Protocols publishing project.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.19

Delcroix Outside Radio

Charles finishes his Friday topic on " the rat race " and then rambles on à la Charles. lol  BTW. One of his good ones.

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Army Ranger retires because of Obama. Tells everything about America's future

Those crazy Brits

GMO 'Terrorists': Russia seeks criminal punishment for bio-tech companies

NoAgenda Episode 618 - "Binge Watch" - 2014.05.18

F-Russia / Ukraine; Nigeria; AQ Inc; Movie PR; Life's Not Fair; Shut Up Slave!; Agenda 21; Ministry of Truth; Baustin; War on Men; Bank$ters; LNG/GAS; AFRIKA; War on Vaping; Syria; $hadow Puppet Theatre; Iran; Shelter in Place; Hillary 2016; NA-Tech; EUROLand; SnowJob; Real News; Bullying; Ottomania; SDR...& all the usual memes.
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