August 25, 2013

PressTV: US military intervention in Syria can lead to WWIII Analyst
Any US military intervention in Syria will merely exacerbate the crisis in the Arab country and put the globe on the brink of another world war, a political analyst tells Press TV. 

I don't believe the storys.

As the U.S. government fabricates its way into yet another aggressive war, this time in Syria, I understand why you might resent average Americans because we allow this war path to continue.

Potential US military intervention in Syria suicidal: Analyst

Max French's The Victory Hour 8/24/2013

Join Max and his guest for a timely Geo-political discussion.




Blacklisted Radio Podcast - 2013.08.24

In this podcast we cover a huge amount of ground dissecting the chaos in Syria. Doug covers several other noteworthy stories that go beyond the NSA meta matrix and other controlled talking points. Lots of insight and analysis on the current trending stories of the week as well.

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Ohalahan's Observations podcast 8 - 2013.08.25

In podcast #8 I briefly discuss the best broadcasts/podcasts of the week and then go directly into diet and exercise recommendations. What is the best diet for a human being? Tune in and find out. Learn to make a killer cup of coffee!

P.S. Ohalahan is using the latest Bluetooth technology.

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The Syrian Situation

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Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 8/24/2013

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