August 12, 2013

Twilight Over England by William Joyce - Chapter 1. Radio Albion - 2013.08.12

Sir Oswold Mosley - My Life 1968 (pdf) 
William Joyce Twilight over England 1940 (pdf)

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Spingola Speaks 2013.08.12

Deannas guest  Niki Raapana was late, so Deanna talked with Lark from Texas and callers until Niki called in later in the show.

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David Duke Show 2013.08.12

Today: Dr. David Duke comes to you today live from the Smoky Mtn. Summit with a program showing the true motivations of men and women who support the liberation, freedom and preservation of their people, heritage and values. Why these rights are the very essence of what we call human rights, and how the Jewish extremists are the real racists who suppress every people's natural heritage to pursue their supremacist agenda. Also, Dr. Slattery joins Dr. Duke to add a great deal to the discussion.

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Are You Smarter Than A 8th Grader

So, do you believe American children are smarter than their counterparts in 1912?  And forget about computers—most of these kids didn’t even have electricity.

The following Eighth Grade Exam is from the Bullitt County (KY) Schools in 1912.  Note that there are several typesetting mistakes on the test including a mistake in the spelling list. The word “eneeavor” should be “endeavor.”

No Googling!  Begin…..NOW.            See test here

How the Jews Won the West

The key to Jewish power rests principally on two things: control of banking and finance, and control of mass media. One is used as a tool to enslave us physically, the other mentally. Over the past hundred years they have gained almost a complete monopoly on them both throughout the world, especially in the West. In order to grasp the full extent of Jewish power today and understand how they have acquired it, one needs to look briefly at the history of banking, beginning with the Bank of England.

The Jews were kicked out of England in 1290 by King Edward I for money-lending. He gave them a deadline and declared that any Jews found in England after that time would be executed. Laws were then enacted to ensure that they could never return.

England prospered for hundreds of years without the Jews until finally, in 1656, they were let back in by Oliver Cromwell. Thirty eight years later, in 1694, they set up the Bank of England.

Jewish banking utilizes the immoral and historically condemned practice of usury and is designed to enslave entire countries through accumulating interest that can never be paid off. Within a century of Jews having seized financial dominance, England’s national debt went from a mere 1.5 million to an astronomical 848 million.

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William Martin : Who is Pushing Whom into the Sea?

This article was written in 2005. However its continued relevance is signified by the fact that it was placed on a course syllabus recently for a course on the Modern Middle East, by the Director of Middle East Studies at the Univ of Oklahoma, Joshua Landis, and is also referenced and footnoted in Nur Masalha’s book, ‘The Palestinian Nakba’ just published this past spring.
Ben Gurion: “We Must Expel the Arabs and Take Their Place”

Angela Merkel reaffirms German servility to Israel

Parasitical Politicians living off *your* backs.
The world is changing for Germany. German exports are falling, German goods are no longer seen as synonymous with reliability and durability, and the German political establishment is viewed with contempt in a growing number of European countries.
But not to worry: the German ruling elite can take comfort in at least one constant that seems immune to change. No, we’re not talking specifically about Germany’s expansionist and Nazi heritage but something related – an affinity with a particular country that has assimilated many aspects of Germany’s colourful past, Israel.
It’s an affinity that is manifested in regular displays of German servility towards the Zionist state. (redressonline)

Which Shall It Be, Freedom of Speech or Not?

Well? Do you want to keep this right,or not?
Can a man speak freely in America without any fear of punishment or can he not? He cannot. Has the U.S. government concocted free speech “crimes” in order to suppress free speech? It has. Is the U.S. government investigating free speech activities with the notion that they may be terroristic? It is.

19 Very Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immigration That Every American Should Know

Oh, you lucky people!!!
Should we roll out the red carpet and allow millions upon millions of thieves, rapists, gang members and drug dealers to come waltzing into this country any time they would like?  Should we broadcast a message to the rest of the world that anyone that can find a way to enter this country and somehow get to a “sanctuary city” can sign up for a plethora of welfare benefits and live a life of leisure at the expense of hard working American citizens?  Yes, those questions sound absurd, but what I have just described will essentially be official U.S. government policy if the immigration bill going through Congress becomes law.

Israeli Gov’t mocks ‘Peace Talks’ with announcement of 1200 New Squatter homes in Occupied Palestine

The Israeli government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced Sunday that it would take bids on nearly 1200 new housing units on Palestinian territory occupied by Israel.
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Dostoevsky Versus The Jews

Vaccine Maker Tells The Truth To Clear Conscience, 44 Girls Have Died Since Having Gardasil And Cervarix-(Videos)

Too bad her conscience didn’t kick in until AFTER there were deaths. However, at least she is now. Not surprising, we knew these vaccines were apart of population control and destroying the family. The question is now, how do we convince the masses to stop giving them to their children? Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

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The NSA is turning the internet into a total surveillance system

Last week's revelations are a disturbing harbinger of future surveillance. Two months ago, this newspaper reported that the US government has been forcing American telecommunications companies to turn over the call records of every one of their customers "on an ongoing daily basis", to allow the NSA to later search those records when it has a reason to do so. The government has since defended the program, in part on the theory that Americans' right to privacy is not implicated by the initial acquisition of their phone records, only by their later searching.
That legal theory is extraordinarily dangerous because it would allow the NSA to acquire virtually all digital information today simply because it might possibly become relevant tomorrow. The surveillance program revealed by the New York Times report goes one step further still. No longer is the government simply collecting information now so that the data is available to search, should a reasonable suspicion arise at some point in the future; the NSA is searching everything now – in real time and without suspicion – merely on the chance that it finds something of interest.
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