January 04, 2016

Proofs of Conspiracy Stuart Crane

In 1971 Dr. Stuart Crane did a presentation entitled “Proofs of Conspiracy,” in which he reported, “The British Fabian Group in England formed a group to bring about global Marxist-Communism.” Here is the four step plan he outlined:

1) Rich nations will not want to willfully merge with poor nations because the poor nations will sap the rich nations strength.
2) Because of this, you cannot expect developed nations to go directly into socialism.
3) In order to have a true world government, all nations must be merged together.
4) Because developed nations will not willfully merge with undeveloped nations and it is impossible for socialism to develop undeveloped nations, “DEVELOPED NATIONS MUST BE UNDEVELOPED.”

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Adam Gorightly - Charles Manson Mythos

Adam and Luke have a conversation with Adam Gorightly, author of numerous books. Charles Manson and the strange sycnhronicities surrounding him and his family are discussed. 

Intelligence agency connections, The Beach Boys and the Laurel Canyon scene come into focus as well. Intentional disinfo stories such as the Montauc project and the shady characters who promoted them are also touched upon in this cornucopia of conspiracy.

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