November 06, 2013

Pete Santilli FBI INFORMANT exposed by Susanne Posel

The Monetary System of Today: How We Got Where We Are in 2013

Step by step specifics and where the bodies are buried

By Andrew Gause

Currency historian and nationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system, Andrew Gause, is a weekly Wednesday morning feature on One Radio Network. Here’s a blow by blow summary of the monetary system and includes:

· Why the U.S. is under emergency powers today
· The U.S. is in technical bankruptcy
· From gold to debt
· How we lost Common Law
· The United Nations role in this affair
· Creation of the IRS and taxes

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Spingola Speaks 2013.11.06

Guest:  Mike King, author of NWO, Forbidden History, 1763 – 2013 and a new book about Napoleon

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.11.06

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Simon Shack, producer of the must-watch 9/11 documentary September Clues. Simon and I will be discussing his research into 9/11, media fakery, and psychological warfare.

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David Duke Show 2013.11.06

Today: Is Race and ethnicity a social construct or is it an undeniable evolutionary and biological reality? Dr. Duke delves into ground forbidden by Ziomedia and Zioacademcia: A discussion of the diversity of species and breeds of life on earth as a result of geographic separation. He shows the reality of biodiversity and the reality of Human diversity in a scientific but common sense discussion exposing the ridiculous notion of race as a social construct. How can race be a purely social construct when any forensic investigator can determine the race of a victim even when the slightest remains of DNA are found? He shows how the world needs an honest discussion of race and its reality and that only by understanding the realities of racial and ethnic distinctions can social policy exist that promotes human harmony rather than conflict. He also discusses the Amerindian arrival in America and strong evidence for an even earlier arrival of Europeans to North America. But, shows why the Zio media seeks to induce self-guilt in Europeans as part of their innate dislike of Europeans and as part of a policy that weakens Europeans and paves the way for a Jewish elite dispossession of the traditional American founding elements.

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Childhood friend talks about Barry "Who's yo daddy" Soetoro

Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama on The Manning Report. Recorded 31 October 2013

Obama's affordable boat Act.

The U.S. government has just passed a new law called: “The affordable boat act” declaring that every citizen MUST purchase a new boat, by April 2014  For entertainment purposes. Enjoy..
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Scott Horton 2013.11.05

Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss, founder of the Mondoweiss blog, discusses the laughable Israel-Palestinian peace process; Sheldon Adelson’s statement that Iran should be nuked, not negotiated with; and how Israel’s most ardent defenders are actually hastening the end of the Jewish state. (Duration: 31:05 — 14.2MB)

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No Agenda Global Radio

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.11.05

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - George Filer - MUFON UFO Report

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Harry McNevin - The Satanic Core Of Big Government

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Rev Ted Pike - ENDA Is Back! Vote Is This Week!

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The Spingola Zone at AFP 11/5/2013

Soft-spoken yet extremely hard-hitting, Deanna Spingola is one of the most popular independent voices in the alternative media today. Her radio broadcasts have been “must” listening for truth seekers around the world, and her books in the “Ruling Elite” series have captivated readers with their amazing revelations of many heretofore untold “hidden” facts of history.
Deanna's guest is Dr. Linda Lagemann of The DSM-5 Controversy.
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AFP Radio Network 11/4/2013

Mark Anderson interviews innovative attorney Carl Person of New York. While he’s the Reform Party’s nominee for New York City mayor, Person is looking beyond the city’s rigged mayoral election on Nov. 5. He’s developing various ballot proposals that take advantage of the state of New York’s home-rule status. These proposals can become law according to the legislative power of the people themselves, sidestepping town councils and the state assembly, something like the Swiss direct-democracy system. In such a system, elected legislatures don’t make all of the decisions on laws. Tune in to hear the variety of amazing ballot proposals that Person is working on enacting, including getting rid of usurious student-loan debt. Person is known for playing a major role in developing the paralegal field.                    Show-page 

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Mistress of disaster

It's not often that one person plays key roles in two -- count 'em, two -- trillion-dollar disasters. Welcome, my friends, to the world of well-connected Democrat Jamie Gorelick. But there are many many more. This is really revealing. 
If you don't know who she is, you better recognize.  Gorelick was born in New York City and grew up in Great Neck, New York, in a Jewish family! Surprise surpriiiise!

Read about the elite jewish pig here.

Rivero leaves RBN, reflects on independent media on “Kevin Barrett’s TRUTH JIHAD RADIO”

Mike Rivero of joins Truth Jihad Radio for a special “Fifth of November” show!

Mike just left RBN and put his radio show on hold. But he’ll be back somewhere soon, insha’allah. Meanwhile, we discuss today’s Million Mask March, the independent media revolution, the Federal Reserve bankster dictatorship, Zionist control of the USA, the use of NSA spying for blackmail and control, and more.                    Show-page

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Iran calls for global nuclear disarmament

Total elimination of nukes ‘is the only absolute guarantee against their threat or use,’ says Islamic Republic’s UN envoy.

Iran’s UN ambassador called nuclear weapons the greatest threat to present and future generations on Monday, just days before Tehran resumes talks with six world powers aimed at reining in its suspect nuclear program. 

***Read article at The Times of Israel*** 


The Piper Report Nov 4, 2013

Michael Collins Piper discusses the latest Geo-political Jew realities.


Show-page    FINAL JUDGEMENT lecture [Mossad connection to JFK]

                    The Barnes Review 

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