August 26, 2020

Pressure on PM over masks in schools as Scotland makes them mandatory

Some People Just Love a Good Crisis, Don’t They? | Carl Vernon

Breaking: Merkel Regime Prohibits Berlin Demo

Real COVID Data and a COVID-Related Recommendation You Will Not Believe

Maybe This Is Why Suicides Are Skyrocketing...This Is Grim

This is the same video that Max Igan included at the end of his latest video. Some may prefer it on its own without Max's commentary.

The Nondemic is Now an IQ Test

Operation Scorpio 2020.08.22

Scorpio Show # 27 on

Guest: Susan Bradford

Topics Include:

1) The Clock is Ticking
2) Parade of Clowns, Degenerates and Fruitcakes
3) Don't like President Harris? You're a misogynist racist.
4) J. Edgar's Corrupt Legacy Continues to Reverberate

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