November 15, 2020

Addicted To Our Own Destruction With Mike 'The Rebel Madman' Gaddy 2020.11.15

Guests: Misty Graham member of The Remnant and Terry Dodd.

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No Agenda Episode 1295 - "Shred and Burn" - 2020.11.15


Linking agendas, Bio-Diversity & One Health with Analyst Vicky Davis


This video reveals the endgame of the agenda. Top shelf work by Casey and Vicky. 

The Realist Report with John Friend 2020.11.14

Fred Leuchter

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2020.11.15

Episode 42 - US Selection Fraud

High Finance

                                            If you want to understand  "money" and "debt" it's all explained here in 30 mins in the classic British sitcom "Dad's Army". This is pure class!!