January 31, 2022

​🔴 18 Wheels to Flatten The Turd - Truck Yeah! - Wednesday February 3 - VIDSTORM, Laura Lynn, SonOfEnos, etc...

"Welcome to The World's Largest Truck Stop"

Canadian Truckers Inspire the WORLD!


January 30, 2022

FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 - Monday January 31 2022

Apparently, there's lots of good stuff on facegook, at least in Quebec.
Saturday Afternoon - Trucker Convoy from Ottawa
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From Wil: The World's Greatest Shit Show is about to take place in Canada's capital city, OTTAWA. On our way back from the HILL, we noticed the police were setting up roadblocks as the convoy began arriving.

CONVOY has broken through the Barricades and is free to flow into OTTAWA.

The WORLD is depending on CANADA to take down this Dictator. THIS MUST NOT FAIL!
Source: Wil Paraormal


    So a week or so ago, my neighbor and I received a letter from the government that had to do with low income households. It said that they would keep adjusting the amount we get because of inflation and all.

   My neighbor told me: " Why have they sent us this letter? We already know all this." but what he did not notice is that they wrote that they will only keep adjusting the amount until 2025. Isn't that special? lol

   P.S. I plan to have posted all the late bullshit shows by Tuesday evening. They are not all BS shows but after at least 13 years of doing this, it's getting old.

   Thank you for your patience.

Louisiana Hot Sauce

January 29, 2022


 Boaters Join The Trucker Drive to CRUSH Trudope & His Mass Murdering Gang of Criminals!

 Trudeau's Cabinet Abandons Ship as Convoy Approaches Ottawa!


January 27, 2022

Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 - The Truther Girl, Wil Paranormal, Christopher James, Louis Farrakhan, styropyro


Let's Go Trudope! To The Dump!!

Operation Scorpio 2022.01.22

                         Scorpio Show # 96 on Revolution.radio
                     Scorpio and Giuseppe welcome Mike Gaddy and Dale Williams

                                         Topics include:

                           1) We Are Living Through A Hamster Holocaust
                           2) Rabbi Throws A Chair And Saves The Day
              3) GIGO: You Get To Decide What Kind Of Weirdo You Want To Be
                           4) Enemy War Transmissions Go Beyond Gaslighting


                                             Twitch.TV Link

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You Shook Me All Year Long – VAXMAN & A/CDC



She was a Vaxx Machine
She looked and sounded mean
She was the worst pro-Vaxxer I had ever seen

She smelled like greasy fries
Kept telling only lies
Filling me up with those American pies

She went out for some air
Taking more than her share
She told me to come and
Tied me down in her chair

Now my balls were shrinking
My heart was quaking
My mind was aching
And she was liking it
And WHO…

Shook me all night long
(with Bell’s Palsy)
Yeah WHO, shook me all year long
(with Parkinson’s Disease)

She was paid overtime
For her seduction line
She was none of the kind
I would ever call mine

She told me Santa Claus
Took the jab for the cause
Came back for his booster
Now he sings like a rooster

She had to cool me down
To take another round
Now I’m back in rehab
To take another jab

Cause my head was shrinking
My lungs were leaking
My brain was aching
And she was loving it
And jou…

Shook me all night long
(with myocarditis)
Yeah jou, shook me all year long
(with sadistic fibrosis)

Voltman on January 26, 2022

  AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long


January 21, 2022

Canadian Truckers On Their Way To Dump Trudope


Canuckistanis Getting The Trudope Dump


Special Delivery for Jewstin Trudope

Why Can't They See? - Earth News ~ A Shot in the Dark - White Rabbit ~ Quaccine Studies - Jim Crenshaw ~ Zapoper & Bushcraft Bear

 The Statue of Slavery

* Suggested by Ca-Nada *
Why Can't They See?
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 OVER 1000 PUBLISHED COVID Quaccine Studies
(Dangerous Adverse Reactions)
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 Green Island of Peace
Bushcraft Bear