August 15, 2014

Double Punch Re-post - 5

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Obama Says the "T" Word
Language is the great tool of the tyrants. It always has been, and always will be. Patriots are expected to abide by a PATRIOT Act that destroys their Bill of Rights, support “surgical strikes” against “enemy combatants” by the Department of “Defense,” and cheer the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to those who wage war.
Find out more about the doublespeak that underpins our political unreality.
*Censorship and Orwellian “Double Think”
*Discourse of War and Doublethink. “When the Lie Becomes the Truth”

David Duke Show 2014.08.15

First Dr. Duke covers his latest research on the Jewish takeover of TV media in the UK (identical to that of the U.S.) and then he goes into a special life, health and fitness show today on the miracle hormone testosterone. He shows how testosterone levels, even from the time of the womb affects rates of homosexuality, and a host of other health issues. He discusses lower fertility and the reasons for it and he discusses ways that you can healthy levels of testosterone by both avoiding foods and environmental causes of low testosterone, and embracing foods and lifestyle changes that naturally increase your testosterone levels to normality. He also discusses why testosterone creams and therapies have some serious inherent dangers and how the natural way is always the best way to increase testosterone.

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9/11 probe closing in on Israel

Netanyahu’s genocidal onslaught in Gaza has done more to delegitimize the Zionist entity than the work of all the world’s anti-Zionists put together. Yet the Israeli military cannot stop the Palestinian resistance; from an Israeli standpoint, the hecatomb in Gaza serves no military or strategic purpose.
Is Israel insane?
That is a rhetorical question. The real question is: WHY is Israel lashing out like a nation gone mad?
At least since the first Intifada – and arguably since 1948 – Israel has had a de facto official policy of butchering Palestinian children. (For details, see my recent article “Child-Killing Sociopaths of Israel.”)      But until now they were sane enough to hide it.         ***Read full article here***
*9/11:Israel did it
*Fox Banned News 9-11 The Israeli Connection
*Made in Israel: 9/11 (All 3 parts)
*There is no evidence that Muslims did 9/11
*David Chandler 2010 "9/11 Analysis"
*Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.08.15

Charles exposes Uri Geller and his Mossad involvement . (2 callers)

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The Dumbing Down of America – By Design

The heavy focus of public education today is primarily limited to standardized test performance and the proliferation of privatized charter schools complete with private contractors teaching the tests, usurping the authority at all levels from state, to local communities, to individual teacher’s lesson plans, to home schooling parents, largely replaced by instructional software programs. Little thought or consideration by today’s education top down policymakers is ever given to those students who happen to score low on all these tests. To make matters worse scores are being made public access now which will only traumatize those children and schools scoring far below average. Being branded as less than carries stigmatizing effects of shame and low self-esteem that can both hurt and haunt a person their entire life. Test scores determine placement and too often those scoring lower in the youngest grades again can easily be branded for the remainder of their public education years and beyond for life. Tests always possess limitations on what they mean and measure. Many super intelligent individuals experience test anxiety and perform poorly. Yet with so much riding on test scores today, and the damaging baggage that results from lower scores and lower placements, this current system appears to be doing far more harm than good. But then that is rarely if ever taken into account when the powerful few control the lives of so many.           ***Read full article here***
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NAFTA Is 20 Years Old – Here Are 20 Facts That Show How It Is Destroying The Economy

Back in the early 1990s, the North American Free Trade Agreement was one of the hottest political issues in the country.  When he was running for president in 1992, Bill Clinton promised that NAFTA would result in an increase in the number of high quality jobs for Americans that it would reduce illegal immigration.  Ross Perot warned that just the opposite would happen.  He warned that if NAFTA was implemented there would be a “giant sucking sound” as thousands of businesses and millions of jobs left this country.  Most Americans chose to believe Bill Clinton.  Well, it is 20 years later and it turns out that Perot was right and Clinton was dead wrong.  But now history is repeating itself, and most Americans don’t even realize that it is happening.  As you will read about at the end of this article, Barack Obama has been negotiating a secret trade treaty that is being called “NAFTA on steroids”, and if Congress adopts it we could lose millions more good paying jobs.     ***Read full article here***

The Ebola Effect: Hyping the Next Bioweapon For Fear and Profit
Are you worried about the ebola pandemic? Should you be? Is it hype? Real? A false flag? Bioterrorism? A Big Pharma scam? Join James today on The Corbett Report podcast as he peels back the layers of the ebola onion and exposes the pandemic endgame.

Peter Lavelle on the Western jew media's blatant lies on virtutally everything
*FALSE FLAGS: Past, Present and Future

No Agenda Episode 643 - "Brand Snowden" - 2014.08.14

Furgeson; Israel / Gaza, Visa database working again - insider, Caliphate!, SnowJob, Bank$ters, F-Russia, Ebola / Africa, EUROLand, LGGBTQQIAAP, 2TTH, Shadow Puppet Theatre, 23 & Me, Obama Nation, Agenda 21, Ottomania, And all your usual listening whilst smashing shop windows and stealing the Goods favourites.

The Thursday Show


Doomcast 54 - 2014.08.14

Doomier than a Doomy thing Doomcast!
Rants and raves from Doug and Charlie on topics ranging from the riots in Ferguson to the psyop happening in Iraq. Lots of thoughts and insights to some of the latest current events.

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.08.14

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