February 02, 2014

Voice of Albion 2014.02.02

Young National Front activists
The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 16 – What’s at stake in Ulster?
• Irish Nationalists accept integration into Europe
• The battlefields of four Continents have been moistened by many tens of thousands of men from Ulster regiments
• The E.U and the U.S.A pressure Britain to abandon Ulster
• In Ulster, ‘Liberalism’ does not dominate her political institutions, nor her education system, nor her church, nor her people
• London refuses to guarantee the permanent existence of Ulster
“The good Friday Agreement (1998) Just a stage towards the final goal of a United Ireland” Gerry Adams – Former IRA Commander and Leader of Sinn FΓ©in
Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)
Anglo Irish Agreement 1921
Loyalist Mayfield Protest 1985

The White Network
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Ognir's TiU Radio podcast 2/2/2014 - The Wrong Path

Ognir discusses the many topics that are on his mind.


Ognir's The Information Underground


The Insurgent Radio 10.27.2013

This is a special edition of Aryan Church. TT preaches about the religion of early Aryan's. Related news and commentary. @ 33 minutes in TT defines the 5 words.


The Last Super Bowl 2014

Comment from this post: Massive security operation under way for Super Bowl
Christopher Marlowe said...
There's a lot of foreshadowing about this. I've watched half a dozen youtubes talking about the Tom Cruise movie, the Dark Night movie, simpsons, numbers, etc...

That last super-bowl had the 30 minute blackout. I can't believe that was an accident.

If there isn't a false flag, they sure are gas-lighting the conspiracy folks.
*More information here

Texe Marrs podcast 1/3/2014

Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not: (1) Duck Dynasty controversy—Phil Robertson is right. Gays are opposed to the Bible; (2) Bill O’Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor is a Catholic who does not know the Bible. He claims the Bible says, “Do not judge.” In fact, the Bible directs that we “Judge,rdquo; and someday everyone on earth will be judged by God Himself and sent either to hell or to heaven; (3) Ministry friend sends Texe a toy robot named “M.A.R.S.;” (4) Ministry friends send generous donations that enable Power of Prophecy to continue its work; (5) Texe examines Sir Francis Bacon’s ancient plan for America to become the secret Atlantis, harbinger of the New World Order; (6) The Jewish Plan for America developed in 1890s by the World Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Russia was first victim of the Zionist global conspiracy. Sergius Nilus, a prophet of God, warned Russia and the world in 1905 by publishing the Protocols of Zion; (7) Congressman Ryan and Senator Murray push through Congress a 2-year budget deal that cuts military retiree and veterans disability pay over next 10 years. Money is approved in Plan for abortion, pornographic art, illegal aliens, and other ungodly projects, plus spending was approved for ObamaCare; (8) Congress triples military spending on missiles for Israel;(9) Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leader, Pastor Russell Moore, says that Pope Francis is a ”good choice for Time magazine’s Person of the Year. SBC is now promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, the environmental movement, and other liberal projects; (10) Senator Max Baucus, who introduced the ObamaCare bill, has been rewarded by President Obama. He was recently named the new Ambassador to Red China.                 TexeMarrs.com


Jonathan Azaziah's Mask of Zion Report 1/31/2014

“Liberate The Discourse Part I – Nationalism and Faux Nationalism, from Hungary to the Ukraine”: Jonathan Azaziah navigates the minefield of European nationalism, WW2 revisionism, anti-Jewish-supremacism, anti-Zionism, cultural imperialism, how they all interlock and why understanding their interconnectedness is integral to taking our struggle to the next level. You will not hear this kind of analysis anywhere else.           Show-page


Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 2/1/2014

The Protocols of Zion and Antisemitism

Blacklisted Radio Podcast - 2014.02.01

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.


Security Theater; A look at the ridiculous Superbowl Police State. Their are lots of talking points and even a few laughs in today's grab bag of topics and observations.