March 13, 2022

99 Percent Media Lies on The Roads To Moscow - Al Stewart, The Duran


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Bitchute March 13, 2022
A guy takes a train to Kiev: no problem. Curfews, sirens, road blocks, but no bombs and plenty of food. They are pretending there's a war with Russia but it's a war against "their own people". Russia is acting like the United Nations should be acting if the UN was a legitimate institution instead of just another fraudulent, criminal, hypocritical, shape-shifting front for the International Cabal of Gangsters.
According to Alan Watt, NATO was set up from its very beginning to slowly morph into the UN's army. The UN said the Iraq war was illegal but didn't do anything to stop it or hold it accountable.  The International Criminal Court is at the service of the criminals that be (TCTB).

The UN was onboard with having a No-Fly zone imposed over Libya back around 2011. All 3 major political parties in Canada were OK with that too. They should all be in jail (at least) for the destruction they rained down on Libya...
UN Secretarmy General Gutless Guterres is a grotesque hippopotacrite, a babbling caricature who lies with every breath and every life he takes.

There is no need to discuss the possibility of a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine: there already is one! Putin and The Russians took care of that.

You will know them by their targets. - Voltman's Second Theorem

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