October 23, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.10.23

Preston James of Veterans Today, Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire

First hour: Preston James of Veterans Today picks up where Gordon Duff's left off last week! Gordon said the people who REALLY run the world are worse than the satanists who control the freemasons who control the zionists. So who ARE those world-controllers? Illuminati numerologists? Khazarian mafia dons? Draconians? The Ladies Auxilliary of the Podunk, Mississippi Chowder & Marching Society?

If anyone would know, it would be Preston.

Second hour: Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire writes:

"Two of the main perpetrators of the destruction of Syria – the United States and Turkey – were busy throwing  a temper tantrum today following reports that Syrian president Bashar al Assad landed in Moscow last night for a secret meeting with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin."

US SecDef Ash Carter, a leading 9/11 suspect, has gone so far as to openly threaten Putin:  "Moscow will soon start paying the price for its escalating military intervention in Syria in the form of reprisal attacks and casualties."

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Spingola Speaks 2015.10.23

Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot or here and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry; YouTube channel; Allen West Review

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.10.23

Graeme MacQueen: Did "Canadian 9/11" fizzle - and take down Harper?

Today is the first anniversary of the 10/22/2014 "iconic attack" in Ottawa. It was supposed to be the Canadian 9/11. It helped pass Bill C-51, the Canadian version of the Patriot Act. But politically, it may have fizzled...as witnessed by the recent collapse of the neocon-backed Stephen Harper regime, whose hysterical hyping of the "terrorist threat to Canada" alienated much of the electorate.

Graeme MacQueen, Professor emeritus at McMaster University, has written a careful, thoroughly documented report raising questions about "10/22":


Professor MacQueen is also the author of the most important book on the anthrax component of the fall 2001 9/11-anthrax event:

The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy (reviewed here).

Like 9/11-anthrax, the 10/22 Ottawa shootings terrorized a nation's capital and its legislature. Like 9/11-anthrax, 10/22 greased the skids for a pre-drafted bill giving the security services emergency powers. And like hundreds of US cases discussed in Trevor Aaronson's The Terror Factory (and like the John Nutall terror entrapment case in Vancouver) the 10/22 Ottawa shootings show signs of having been manufactured by the same security services that benefit hugely from such incidents.

Could the demise of the Harper regime lead to official Canadian inquiries into 10/22, 9/11-anthrax, and other apparent neocon PR stunts hyping the phony "war on terror"? Or are Canadians too timid to  rise up and help save what's left of Western civilization?

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Spingola Speaks 2015.10.22

Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women, founder of Vaccination Liberation Army

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David Duke Show 2015.10.23

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald complete expose the Jewish-led Holocaust of European Mankind!

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.10.22

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Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Ronnie McMullen - Mind Control Miley Cyrus To Perform Nude

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.10.23

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