April 28, 2014

The Heretics' Hour 2014.04.28

Basically she whines about Tanstaafl.

It's the last time that I post her show. I try to be objective but this is ridiculous.

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How to See Without Glasses

If you’re in a pinch… you forgot your glasses… or your vision is blurry… try this trick.

Make a tiny hole with you finger… look through it… and the world will become clear again. This works no matter how blurry your vision is. You can test yourself in this video below.

Science explains this all. Light is reflected off an object… enters our eyes… and hits our retinas to see an object. The lens focuses the light and corrals it into a crisp image.

The problem is the lens can only focus at certain distances. For instance, if you’re far-sighted, you can see a far distance… but you have trouble with short distances. To fix this, we have muscles that squeeze our lenses. This changes our focal distances… and decreases blurriness.

There is no blur since light is coming from the small opening. A small opening can focus light coming from any distance… making the image clear.

Mike Sledge Radio 2014.04.26

The Best Of Mike Sledge

Join Sledge Radio tonight for a best of broadcast. Be There!! There will be music, comedy and hard hitting research all put together just for you, the listener. Be there!!!

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What's up with our friends in Poland?

What's up with polish people? Why are they visiting this site more than anyone? I'd like to hear from Pols who know what's going on because the numbers don't make sense to me.

jewish Owner of the Clippers to Girlfriend: Don't Bring Black People to My Games (Audio)

L.A. Clippers jewish owner Donald Tokowitz Sterling told his girlfriend that he does NOT want her bringing black people to his games ... including Magic Johnson ... and it's ALL on tape.

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.04.28

The Boston marathon bombings.

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David Duke Show 2014.04.28

Today: Dr. David Duke has a great show beginning with the comments by Jewish basketball owner Donald Sperling, who in a private conversation with his girlfriends was exposed on the truth about Jews in Israel "treating Blacks like Dogs." He shows how the Jewish media covered this deeply but the mainstream media was far less forthcoming on this revelation. Then Dr. Duke goes into the great video of Gilad Atzmon's lecture to college students in Geneva on the biology of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Dr. Slattery and Dr. Duke address the incredible issues therein, and also show how the positive reaction by the audience shows an incredible awakening that is going on across the world as to the dangers of Jewish supremacism. Finally Dr. Duke previews the Kosher Food Racket swindle exposed in a new article on DavidDuke.com and that will be thoroughly discussed on tomorrow's show!

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NoAgenda - NA612 - "Cradle to Career" - 2014.04.27

Curry & Dvorak return to preach the gospel according to the media deconstructors. The Sunday Show almost-live from Austin,Texas and Silicon Valley.

The Glitch-Filled Sunday Show.


Texas family plagued with ailments gets $3M in 1st-of-its-kind fracking judgment

Fracking, which is short for hydraulic fracturing, is the process by which drillers pump large amounts of water mixed with sand and chemicals into a shale or rock formation. The wells can be deeper than 8,000 feet, and the process fractures the shale around the well, allowing the natural gas in the shale to flow freely.
Lisa Parr said that she knew by July 2010 that the "loud operation" next door to their ranch was toxic.
"One night, our whole house was vibrating and shaking. We lease that property for our cattle and so I went over there to make sure our cattle wasn't around there, and when I went over there my nose and throat started burning."
Parr called the state Commission on Environmental Quality.
"My doctor, an internal specialist, found 20 chemicals in my body and he said, 'Lisa you must move immediately. You will spend more time and money on hospitals, chemotherapy, and a mortician ... and you need to get an environmental health doctor immediately,' " she said.
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*The Hard Numbers on Fracking: Radiation, Toxic Wastewater and Air Pollution 
*Fracking: Champagne for the elites, death for the people