May 07, 2014

Newtown residents are winning the lottery at alarmingly strange intervals

To some it seems that Sandy Hook has opened a Pandora’s box of conspiracy and lies. As more is revealed each day, however, the information has started to beg the question: What if the secrecy did not start on 12/14/2012….What if Newtown, the Sandy Hook event—whatever one wishes to call it—was business as usual?

Let us take a look at a certain mysterious aspect of Sandy Hook, and Newtown, that predated the Sandy Hook Event (SHE). Without speculating if there is a conspiratorial, or even sinister reason for this, the facts stand:
Certain Newtown residents are winning the lottery at alarmingly strange intervals, at high rates of succession and repetition.
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Voice of Albion 2014.05.07

Paul interviews Arlette Baldacchino who is standing in the European Elections on 24th May 2014.
Arlette is standing for Imperium Europa – a Nationalist Party in Malta.
Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey 1948

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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.05.07

-The markets are smelling inflation
-Traders are borrowing big and betting on the markets
-Fed talk of slowing money printing is really just talk
-Andy explains the components of The Fed Balance Sheet
-It may be a bit easier to borrow money soon
-What the term Fascism means and why it is in play in U.S.
-The media: The Boys have a lock on it and have for 100 years
-Why and how world currencies are pegged to the dollar
-Andy gives a preview of Ms. Yellen’s testimony today
-Basel 111 and the consolidation
-Using your paid off home very creatively with another 30 year mortgage
-Social Security is more than retirement even with out a real trust fund

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Deanna Spingola talks to her guests Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer and Dave Gahary, as they discuss their day in Newtown, Connecticut.

Update (by Deanna): Unfortunately, Dr. Fetzer and Mr. Halbig were unavailable for the program. They decided to join Jeff Rense later in the evening after taking a much-needed rest from their day's activities. Apparently, Halbig was unable to obtain the answers to his 16 questions from anyone in Newtown after spending all of the time and money (from donations) to go there. One may see the answers to those questions by visiting Wade's page, which he posted on March 23, 2014. Halbig did not ask the school board the only question that they, having the proper jurisdiction over, could have answered—had the school been in operation during the last five years? Some people claim that it was not. It is uncertain exactly what Halbig and Fetzer actually accomplished but their visit certainly became the focus of a lot of media attention. An NBC correspondent was at the school board meeting, InfoWars had a representative there and the local newspapers covered Halbig's viist.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.07

Egyptians and the Bronze Age.

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Scott Horton 2014.05.06

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein, a Newsweek contributing editor in Washington, discusses why Israel won’t stop spying on the U.S. and why Congress can’t clear all the obstacles to a visa waiver program for Israelis. (duration: 11:49)

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Mike Sledge Radio 2014.05.06

Mr. Smith 2014, Pigskins vs. Redskins And The House of The Rising Sunstein

Tonight on the broadcast Mr. Smith goes to Washington 2014 and Sledge talks about Elite Pigskins vs. Redskins and the Bolshevik sports complex. Also Mike Sledge breaks down intelligence analysis and alternative media propaganda, behavioral law and Bolshevik Barry care, also Cass Sunstein's predictions on insurance. I will also cover the rise of Putin and the new Russia predicted by communists of the past. Sledge will also cover the rise of the new radicals as it relates to current foreign policy,and the new Amerika and the fall of culture. Plus great music and possibly your phone calls.

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.05.07

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by John de Nugent. In the first hour, John and I will be discussing a variety of topics including the controversy surrounding Clippers owner Donald Sterling. I will be discussing my recent trip to New York City and the 9/11 Memorial during hour two. Phone lines will be open and callers are encouraged!

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David Duke Show 2014.05.07

Great Program Today! Dr. Duke discusses his new article about the amazing revelation in some mainstream media about massive, quote "terrifying" Jewish, Zionist spying against America that is causing great damage to the United States, and certainly to the world by the influence of the Zionist partisans over American Policy. He also shares the behind the scenes aspect of the great interview he did on Press TV that is an incredibly hard hitting expose of Jewish Tribalism. Then, with Kay Whalen he goes in a Life, Health and Fitness segment where he gives his only personal prescription of the path to a happy, meaningful life of love and achievement. Specifically, today he talks about the most elemental building blocks of a great life, the clarity of how one sees their ideal self! It involves clearly denoting the kind of person you want to be in all areas of life, and then the first and most critical step: cleaning up what Dr. Duke calls the opiates, addictions, degeneracies, destructive habits in our lives. Before one can build the great structure of a life, one must drain the swamp! A great and inspiring show.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.05.06

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - George Filer - Filer's Files

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Andy Gause - Ukraine, Sanctions & Gold

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - James Fetzer - Sandy Hook Developments

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The Man Who Defied Odds, Turned Down Chemotherapy and Drugs and Outlived All His Doctors

You could say that Stamatis Moraitis forgot to die. The Greek war veteran was diagnosed by 9 different American doctors with lung cancer in 1976. He was given 6 months to live and was encouraged to pursue aggressive cancer treatment. He declined and instead moved back to his native land of Ikaria. Then something incredible happened.

At first, he spent his days in bed, as his mother and wife tended to him. He reconnected with his faith. On Sunday mornings, he hobbled up the hill to a tiny Greek Orthodox chapel where his grandfather once served as a priest. When his childhood friends discovered that he had moved back, they started showing up every afternoon. They’d talk for hours, an activity that invariably involved a bottle or two of locally produced wine. I might as well die happy, he thought.

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