December 28, 2015

Radio Wehrwolf News Hour 12/28/2015

H.R. 4269, Libtard fails of 2015, and more...


The Debate - Fighting DAESH (ISIS) in Iraq

www.WORLDCITIZEN.SOLUTIONS - Ken O'Keefe's Mission to End Payment for War

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 12/27/2015

Robert was joined by Jeff Wilkerson, Lark in Texas, and callers to discuss many important topics.

Incendiary Radio Archive            RBN


How Big Oil Conquered the World

China Just Made A Huge Move On Christmas! AIIB Now Formally Established

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 12/27/2015

Kyle reviews some of the happenings on Renegade and the world at large in 2015 and looks ahead to our great revival in 2016.



No Agenda Episode 785 - "Hispandering" - 2015.12.27

TODAY; Shut Up Slave!; EuroLand; CDCG; Elections 2016; Caliphate!; TechnoSkeptics; EMP's; Ottomania; F-Russia; CYBER!; War on Weed; Out There; Agenda 2030; Ministry of Truth; NA-Tech News; War on Guns; Big Pharma; War on Weed,and all your usual listening while watching The "Alternative News Media" being picked apart utilising "Divide & Conquer" techniques Via Controlled "Sock-Puppets" Planted in our midst years ago for just this contingency Favourites.

The Sunday Show