November 01, 2020

Entertaining Myself

    I'm surrounded by morons. So what I do while walking on the sidewalk is, I first cough and then say: "Stay away from me. I have the new strain of COVID 21". 

    Most people do laugh but others are all insulted and shit. LOL

    I'm at the point where I use Abbie Hoffman's tactics that he was using in the late 60's. Street theater with an angle that ain't commie centric like they were in the "Yippie movement".

    WTF can we do more? Smart people believing the CNN bullshit is like the apogee of retardation.

Stealing your future

Published by John Kaminski: Saturday, 31 October 2020 19:05


Maybe it’s time to
kill the germ theory
before it kills us

Without the germ theory there would be no lockdown, no masks and no bizarre conspiracy aimed at eliminating the final fading vestiges of our own freedom. There would be no vaccine industry suddenly demanding control of your finances from inside your own arm.

Beware the inevitably ineffective remedies of false diagnoses.

They talk about your health but really they are trying to steal your future. They will never give it back.

Consider investigating the theft of your future, which is now under way.

All those positive tests (from tests that don’t work and have no meaning relative to the identification of any disease) allow the government to do anything it wants. And in case you haven’t noticed, it really looks like it wants to get rid of you, one way or another.

If it could get away with fluoride, nuclear power, 9/11, Sandy Hook and a worldwide shutdown over a disease they designed where you have to take a test that doesn’t work which will determine your ability to access your own money, then they can get away with anything. They know that, which is why they ignored sensible medical practice and locked down the world with an old trick.

Namely, putting fear between you and the actual facts.

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Operation Scorpio 2020.10.31 (Video Only)

So as I was recording Fetcho yesterday, there was a five minute power failure but the fun didn't stop there. During the first hour of the Scorpio show, the wifi crapped out three times in a row. My browsers are old and the only thing working to rip videos from YT is this: 

The problem with that site is that you only get the last two hours of a YT recording. It does not give you the whole three hours plus. Now I'm stuck waiting for the archives.

"Méfiez vous du grand amour" Face 1 et 2 (Pour Voltman)