November 01, 2020

Entertaining Myself

    I'm surrounded by morons. So what I do while walking on the sidewalk is, I first cough and then say: "Stay away from me. I have the new strain of COVID 21". 

    Most people do laugh but others are all insulted and shit. LOL

    I'm at the point where I use Abbie Hoffman's tactics that he was using in the late 60's. Street theater with an angle that ain't commie centric like they were in the "Yippie movement".

    WTF can we do more? Smart people believing the CNN bullshit is like the apogee of retardation.


inthemix16 said...

Welcome to the Jungle Zap. Totally feel your pain. Why i just write Bullshit here. Only way to escape the matrix sometimes. Therapy. Yesterday. A service store. Needed a part. Little twerp behind the desk tells me i have to put my mask over my nose. Roll of eyes but hey beggars dont deal in a strength position. So insert tail between legs.. Then makes sure i do the six feet, then hands me my phone with a plastic hand bankie thingy. Hey he gave me the shit no charge but i so had to hold myself back. I just walked out thinkin , fine destroy your own future. Ive had my time. Its just that, zap that defys anything other than you cant make that shit up. Hang in there . Like Robert Duval said in Apocalyps "Someday this wars gonna end"

Original Larry said...
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Original Larry said...

That should read" just let your imagination run wild." my mistake. I agree with inthemix 16.

zapoper said...

I forgot to mention that it doesn't work on people who ware masks outside when it's no even "mandatory". Those people are too brainwashed to laugh at my antics. They were on the verge of becoming violent. LOL