November 01, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.10.31 (Video Only)

So as I was recording Fetcho yesterday, there was a five minute power failure but the fun didn't stop there. During the first hour of the Scorpio show, the wifi crapped out three times in a row. My browsers are old and the only thing working to rip videos from YT is this: 

The problem with that site is that you only get the last two hours of a YT recording. It does not give you the whole three hours plus. Now I'm stuck waiting for the archives.


Original Larry said...

Or, try youtube to MP3 if that's your preference.

Zeebra said...

Here's the Dr. Joseph Mercola / Whitney Webb interview which Giuseppe & others have been touting (incl C.A.Fitts )

1h 24m:

be a good one for mami's to post?

description as posted at Fetzer's bitchute ch, where above instance is hosted. If it's any clue, C.A.Fitts says twatter wouldn't let her post the YT URL !?!?


Jim Fetzer

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REQUIRED VIEWING! Brilliant independent journalist Whitney Webb gives in-depth coverage of the behind-the-scenes machinations of "Operation Warp Speed" - the imposition of a "vaccine" (actually the injection of something experimental) on the populace of the world.

In this interview, investigative journalist Whitney Webb, who does both independent work and collaborations with The Last American Vagabond, discusses the little-known details of Operation Warp Speed, a joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics.

• Many of the same surveillance initiatives proposed after 9/11 have been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19
• Operation Warp Speed, the White House Administration’s effort to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics, is almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military
• Operation Warp Speed is supporting the creation of several COVID-19 vaccines, all of which will be deployed, but to different “critical populations”
• Operation Warp Speed is shrouded in secrecy that makes it difficult to ascertain the true agenda, but part of the plan is to monitor vaccine recipients for 24 months after the first dose using biosensors that record and share biological data
• Like 9/11, the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as justification for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears they’re laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be fully deployed later

Steve said...

Conversations with Dr Cowan & Friends Ep8 Catherine Austin Fitts