May 27, 2013

ONE THIRD of the HOLOCAUST(Full Video)
An Extensive documentary showing the lengths Zionists went to in order to bring about their goal of achieving the illegal state of Israel.

Holocaust Hoax Exposed! 

Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie

Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil (Full Video)
Great video debunking the Holocaust Myth. This one targets Buchenwald in particular.

Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie

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On the Warning Track Broadcast 4/26/2013

The philosophy of Jesus Christ vs. ‘Christianity’ –is there a difference?

A discussion of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s 2006 letter to President George W. Bush




On The Warning Track Holohoax Series 


An Hour by the Window: Leon Degrelle on the Life of Adolf Hitler

                 Leon Degrelle on the Life of Adolf Hitler

Redefining Food In 3-D

The fictional and scientific concept of digitally “printing” food is not new. Food replicators were a mainstay of the 1960′ television show Star Trek. In the now cult classic The Matrix, food comes out of a spigot attached to metallic dispenser: a “white, semi-translucent, gelatinous substance” described as a single-celled protein with all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids a person needs – with a consistency compared to “runny eggs” or “a bowl of snot”.

But hey, they can make people love snot!

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Busted! Free Adam Kokesh Page Created 6 Days Before Arrest at Pot Rally!

Spingola Speaks 2013.05.27

Guest: Glendene Grant, the mother of Jessie Foster; Human Trafficking

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David Duke Show 2013.05.27

Today: Dr. Duke has a memorial day show spotlighting the men and women who died in service to America who the mass media has forgotten. He speaks about the victims of the USS Liberty, and the lost American operatives from the treason and treachery of Israel and Jewish traitors in America. An in depth discussion ensues with Dr. Slattery about how so many wars now are being fought in betrayal of our self-sacrificing young men, and how we must rededicate America to the principles for which men and women have given their lives, our liberty, independence and freedom. A good show with commentary on the origins of American wars including the First and Second World War.

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Oathkeepers statement on the Adam Kokesh July 4th march

James Hanna ~ Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam's march. The leadership at Oath Keepers has a wealth of tactical experience, and marching into the enemy's camp, to be captured makes no sense. What is to be accomplished by this action? What could possibly go wrong? These are the questions a responsible leader asks before sending his troops into harm's way. This is either tactical ignorance, or willful endangerment; the latter being the worst of the two choices.
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Paid Russian Agent Kokesh Won't Discuss Rubles from Putin at Jefferson Memorial

Adam Kokesh EXPOSED - Works for 'Organizing for Action' / 'Obama for America' - DO NOT ATTEND MARCH

An Hour by the Window: Revisionism and its Antagonists

                    Revisionism and its Antagonists

Kosher Tax Ripoff
Another take the money and run scheme.

HoloHoax Racket

Lectures on the Holocaust

Palestinians say Israelis poison medication used by Gazan patients