October 31, 2021

Look At All The Commie jews - Goyim Goddess & Brother Nathanael

Taylor Swift Parody by Goyim Goddess

 Biden’s Scorched Earth Policy
Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Oct 21, 2021
The Jew Tracks Mom & Dad
Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News October 9 2021
This film has already been banned from the Israeli media because the testimony it so diligently documents is simply incontestable, on the basis that it focuses on the witness statements of the survivors and the family members of those who have died shortly after being vaxxed.

The Next Four Mandates Coming Your Way!
JP Sears

Totalitarianism is great. But, more importantly, it’s for your protection!

A Message From The Honorable Minister of Justice & Punishment

HUGE Turnout in London Protest Against Passports
Cowardly Media SILENT
Hugo Talks – Oct 30, 2021
Umbra Bellator  on October 31, 2021:
Good for them, but it would have been much more effective if they marched on No. 10, dragged Johnstein out by his ankles, kicked the ever living shit out of him, and lynched him from a streetlight, as he so deserves, then marched on that open sewer known as Parliament and that den of satanic parasites known as The City and beat the piss out of just about everyone in sight.

I’m afraid peaceful protest is completely futile at this point. The citizens have no means of peaceful recourse or remedy to these egregious crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the ruling class that is a criminal cartel. The signs everyone was bandying about at the march should have been guns at this point. But wait, you morons willingly surrendered your firearms to your authoritarian oppressors when YOU SHOULD HAVE FUCKING KNOWN BETTER. Hell, most dimwit Brits would still literally bow down and kiss the Queen’s fat demonic arse if she waddled out into the street and commanded you to do so.

There have been no draconian indignities forced by government in my area, because the citizenry here is armed to the teeth and wouldn’t surrender their firearms, their protection against tyranny, even if hell froze over. If the federal cartel wants to try to come in and take them, they had better pack a fucking lunch and lots of body-bags for their droogs.
"Demo in downing st against bill gates and his jab":