October 05, 2020

FISH-O-MATIC Bushcraft Fish Catcher - Lake to Pan Challenge


Operation Scorpio 2020.10.03

Scorpio Show # 32 on Revolution.radio

Guest: Mike Gaddy
The Estes Park Meetings,  Rothschilds, The UN and National Parks

Topics Include:

1) Covidhoax Hysteria Intensifies 33 Days Before Election
2) Groper Joe For The Win?
3) October Surprise 2.0 v.33
4) Heads I win, Tails You Lose - Jews Rock!

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No Agenda - 1283: Dumb and Sick

Ted & Austin Radio Show October 5 2020

Was Trump really sick?
Full discussion of the Psy Op known as Covid.
National pastor does podcast wearing a pro Mossad shirt...What?
House democrats want to cover up child sex trafficking. Partial explanation of their perversions.
CIA and it’s disinformation program.
What is providentialism? Why is it so dangerous?
Another armed protest with another supposedly accidental discharge. This is a dangerous situation.
Communist Schumer says no to scotus hearing.

Why Covid Kills

We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How…

Thanks Harry Mcfudd