January 01, 2020

The Chieftains - O'Sullivan's March

           Let's all march into 2020 with the O' Sullivan clan. Things are bad but we're not beaten yet! And one fine day we will win. Stay strong, reserve all rights and don't consent to jew bullshit! Happy New Year to you all!

The Madness Gripping Modern Women

There is lots of madness all around us Male and Female this is just a slice. In fact Jordan Peterson discussing philosophically the ills of humanity with Ben is an example, in light of his own recent dilemma.

Max Igan | Fabricated History, Tartaria, & The Mud Flood Reset

I'm a little confused by Max these days. There are some fringe conspiracies he will accept while others are psyops. He seems to be the man with impecable decernment !

They've been making a big fuss out of the new A Christmas Carol

So this mini series starts with some kid pissing on the grave of Jacob. LOL

The employee of Scrooge is married to a negress. The guy is a tall dark haired dude but yet they have a female child which has red hair. 1843 this is going on.

When this came out they were making a big fuss out of the kid pissing on that grave. Talk about misdirection. LOL

They were able to make the whole thing about racism. FFS