March 23, 2014

For the First Time in History, Israel Suspiciously Closes All Embassies & Consulates World Wide!
*All Israeli embassies and consulates closed worldwide first time, FM stops its work due to strikes – trade union

The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.03.23

Canadian journalist Greg Felton on Ukraine, Flight 370

Vancouver-based Greg Felton is the author of The Host and the Parasite, Exploding Middle East Myths, and more. A disillusioned former mainstream journalist, Greg is now an acerbic media critic and all-around trouble-maker. Greg describes the subjects of this interview as follows:

"Re Ukraine: The bizarre pissing match taking place in Ukraine is best seen as a proxy war between Isramerica and Russia. Ukraine, itself, is not the issue; it’s merely a means to an end. As I see it, the U.S. is so steamed that Putin did not abandon Assad that it wants to 'punish' Russia by destabilizing Ukraine.  As it is Ukraine is one of the poorest European countries and of no strategic or economic value to the U.S. All the U.S. needs is for the coup government of Yatsenyuk to agree to the installation of NATO forces and missiles on Ukrainian soil for the U.S. to bring about a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis.

"The airliner (Malaysian Flight 370) has significance for 9/11 because of the different attitude the media are taking. On and after 9/11 as you know, the public was force-fed a pre-digested reality. Investigation was all but proscribed in the name of stampeding the nation to war. Regarding Malaysian 370, we see a genuine interest in finding data first before coming to conclusions. Most interesting is the issue of transponders being 'turned-off.' All four planes alleged to have taken part in 911 lost transponder contact with ATC, yet nobody has mentioned this in connection to an alternate theory. Why the candour now, and can this be used to re-open investigation of what really happened to the 4 planes of 9/11?"
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Spingola Speaks 2014.03.23

Guest: Dennis Fetcho of the Illuminati Observer, InsideTheEyeLive his YouTube channel

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Spingola Special 2014.03.22

Deanna shares the preface of By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky.

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Texe Marrs Podcast 3/14/2014 - A Hole in the Sheet—Mind-Blowing Secrets of Judaism and Kosher Sex

Talmudic Judaism is proven to be a perverted religion based on carnality, sexual promiscuity. Pedophile rabbis are rampant. The Jewish Talmud approves incest and sex between adults and children. Among the Hasidic Orthodox, the women cover themselves with a sheet that has a hole in it during sexual relations. More revelations about what Jewish rabbis actually say is “kosher sex.”



Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 3/22/2014

In Defense of National-Socialism

Judea Declares War On Germany A Critical Look at WWII
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Voice of Albion 2014.03.23

Tony Martin has been involved in Nationalism since 2007 when he joined the BNP. He has stood for local Council and also for the Parliamentary elections of 2010. He is now a local Organiser for the National Front.

Tony did 20 laps around Stratford during the Olympics of
2012. The Britain vs Argentina Hockey match was taking
place. His flag is the Falkland Islands flag
Subjects to be discussed include;

• Public meetings and Freedom of Information requests
Emma West – despite the crown prosecution service sighting ‘death threats’ against her as the only reason to deny her bail, they failed to report any of the threats to the police
Racist Negress on London bus. Who was she and what was her punishment?
• Tony questions the Bumbling Buffoon Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)
• Croydon and Tony’s future political plans
South London National Front Meeting 5/4/2013. (Tony Martin speaks 2nd)

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Sunstein Publishes Conspiracy Book

All Wars Are Banker Wars
The American Freedom Party

Advice to the jews on how to behave in the USSR

Read and weep.
This was published in Tel Aviv in 1958

Exporting Chaos: 'West spent $5 billion destabilizing Ukraine'

Chorus of Israeli voices renews calls for Iran strike

A rising chorus of Israeli voices is again raising the possibility of carrying out a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities in what appears to be an attempt to draw renewed attention to Tehran’s atomic program — and Israel’s unhappiness with international negotiations with the Iranians.
In recent days, a series of newspaper reports and comments by top defense officials have signaled that the military option remains very much on the table. While Israeli officials say Israel never shelved the possibility of attacking, the heightened rhetoric marks a departure from Israel’s subdued approach since six world powers opened negotiations with Iran last November.
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*Holocaust On Tour In Iran 
*Iran is not the threat, we are 

The High Cost of Using Jewish War Criminals to Train U.S. Police

Members of the American law enforcement community are being trained in Israel, where Human Rights violations by police and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are a matter of policy, under Israel's morally bankrupt apartheid political system.
The ADL stated that the U.S. police were brought across... to learn how Israel's police, intelligence, and security forces prevent terror attacks.

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