June 03, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.06.03

On this edition of The Realist Report, I will be announcing my split with Rodney Martin, who I originally co-founded the American Nationalist Association with.  I will also be discussing some recent news items and explaining the concepts of false flag events, PYSOPS, and media fakery, and the importance of properly understand these terms.  Past and current events, particularly the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" and 9/11, and how they can be classified as both false flags and PSYOPS involving extensive media fakery, will be analyzed as well.  Finally, the fact that fake events using scripted "actors" are being presented to the public as real via the mainstream media will be discussed.  Can we take at face value anything that is presented in the media?  Calls will be taken during the second hour.

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The Murder Of An American Nazi

Lesley Stahl reports on the tragic murder of a Neo-Nazi leader - killed by his 10-year-old son. A "60 minutes" report on Youtube that shows what life within the Neo-Nazi movement of America is really like.

Spingola Speaks 2013.06.03

Guest: Rodney Martin, The German-American Bund, its place in history

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David Duke Show 2013.06.03

Today: Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery Discuss "Hitler in the Tea Kettle." and mass Jewish paranoia: delusions of grandeur and feelings of constant persecution. Dr. Duke also exposes a Jewish Press article saying that antisemitism is in Europe's DNA. An amazing look into Zio hypocrisy.

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IRS Actually Fears Man Who Doesn’t File Taxes

Amid an unusual spotlight on IRS conduct, a Colorado businessman contends his case is one the government particularly wants to keep hidden, because it could cause the whole federal agency to self-destruct.

Jeff Maehr, a Colorado chiropractor who has engaged in a number of business ventures, including PureHealthSystems.com, admits he has refused to file federal income tax returns since 2002, but he says the IRS is afraid to press criminal charges against him.

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Alex Jones Finally Admitting Its The Zionists Jews

Sounds like Ognir recorded this, and I have no idea when or where?

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US Military Blocks Access to Christian Website, Due to “Hostile Content”

Testing, Testing...
Weeks ago, The US Military blocked access to the “Southern Baptist Convention” website, due to ‘hostile content’. It has since been unblocked, but was this a beta test, to gauge the outrage in planning for future Internet censorship?
by Cassius Methyl at intellihub.com

Update: With thanks to a diligent contributor, it appears that the intellihub article has already been explained on the Christian Website in question. Head over to the following link to read the churches own take on the matter. Christianitytoday.com

WACO: A New Revelation (Full Version)

April 19, 1993 – The massacre of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX by the U.S. government.  Remember Waco?  This video shows hard evidence that the media wouldn’t and still won’t show the American public. (Film released in 1999).
(Posted at undergrounddocumentaries.com - really interesting site for vids.)

Whats happening in Turkey?


The government just wanted to demolish a park. The people peacefully said no. Guess what happened... All I can say is I wish muricans had half the guts of Turkish civilians.

Bill Clinton takes a cool half-million from Jewish National Fund for speech in Israel

Partaking of the Jewish Shekel - Slick Willy.
The scandal that is never a scandal in the American press. Bill Clinton's foundation has been given $500,000 by the Jewish National Fund, which has long been involved in taking Palestinian land and giving it to Jews. Is Hillary running for president? Where does she expect to raise her money? Will she ever oppose Jewish colonization in Palestine?

Storm Chasers Team TWISTEX Killed in Oklahoma Tornadoes

Storm chaser and meteorologist Tim Samaras, his storm chaser partner Carl Young, and his son Paul Samaras, were among the 11 people killed in the latest round of tornadoes and severe weather to hit Oklahoma Friday night, according to family members. They were killed near El Reno in an EF3 tornado with winds up to 165 mph that ripped through the Oklahoma City area during rush hour.       Read here

Twisters Strike in Oklahoma

The Weather Channel: Tim Samaras Is Dead

Nova - Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes 2013