April 09, 2019

The Epic of Gilgamesh, Lecture by Andrew George

Does anyone want to listen to that shit?


Mischa Popoff
The Porn Wars On Our Children

Mischa Popoff
The Truth About Organic Foods

David Oates
Latest Reverse Speech Newsmakers

Open borders are causing the collapse of Ireland's housing, hospital, sc...

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.04.08

Brizer's guest: Jim Rizoli

Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3

Cornwall Stream
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The Graham Hart Show Players


Candace Ownes GOES OFF On Democrats At House Judiciary Committee Hearing 4/9/19

About my Skype

Since I got back in the city, I have not been able to login to Skype. It's all about java script not being updated on internet explorer 8 or what not. If you ask me, Microsoft is at it again. They all want us to be a happy family being spied on with the wonderful windows 10 that they gave for free for a whole year. LOL. Scratching my head and wondering why they did that. LOL

So this post is to tell you guys that I can not login to Skype anymore. All of my "internet friends" will have to use a chatango account or email me to say that they want to join me "in the room".

The link to that room is in your Skype history. I have to do a major spring cleaning of my apartment but after that I'll get on a new computer which is still old technology but in this case, 2014 old. Then I will be able to be spied on with you guys again.

Getting back to posting shit. First up, The Graham Hart show and then Rense from last night.

Have a good day guys!

Elliot Ali survivor from Linwood mosque shooting in Christchurch