July 22, 2013

Holocaust Facts with Jim Rizoli


Zyclon B facts


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Max French's The Victory Hour Broadcast 7/20/2013

Max and Egeria with News and Commentary for July 20, 2013.               Show-page


Coats to Coats 1st podcast

A lot of weird scifi writer talking about god, me moaning about jews and a fucked up song at the end with a bit of news.
Thanks to Hollowcoats, a Mami's regular

30 years of US crimes in Middle East unpardonable: Agha Murtaza Pooya


US drone strikes unpopular across the world

Opposition to the U-S assassination drone strikes is growing across the globe.

US cannot afford to lose more opportunities with Iran: Jim Walsh

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim Walsh, Massachusetts Institute of technology, about the US Congress delaying approval of its 'summer' bill of new sanctions against Iran and instead sending a letter to President Barack Obama asking that diplomacy be pursued.

Spingola Speaks 2013.07.22

Guest: Clint Richardson, Producer of The Corporate Nation, Reality Blog

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Healing with Dr Daniels - Healing via Creativity

Dr. Jennifer Daniels’ show entitled, "Healing with Dr. Daniels" airs every Tuesday at 6:00 pm EST. The show reveals the workings behind the Modern Health System, how it creates illness and how to avoid this planned outcome. Dr. Daniels provides insights and solutions.

This week's Topic: Save your life with Creativity.

Dr Daniels examines the role of creativity in healing and the role of creativity in harm. At the end of this hour you will know how to kindle the fires of your creativity to develop healing rituals that can save your life.

Tune in for Healing with Dr Daniels.



David Duke Show 2013.07.22

Today: Dr. David Duke goes into the details of an Israeli publication on the Jewish leading role in the Communst takeover of Russia and their ethnic hatred and genocide against the Russian, Ukrainian and other peoples of Europe. Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery also recount their fascinating experience in Russia and Ukraine and the nature of Russia and the Russian people after the Jewish controllers were overthrown, pointing out the positive changes that occurred and the areas of Russian life that were healthy and positive. They also talk about the re-emergence of Jewish power in the fall of communism and the tyranny of the Jewish oligarchs and organized criminal cartels who committed the greatest robbery in the history of the world.

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Woman Filed And Collected $480k False Boston Marathon Victim Claim

According to investigators,  26 year-old  Audrea Gause, filed a false claim and collected nearly half a million dollars from a national Boston Marathon bombing relief fund.

Gause claimed she had suffered a traumatic brain injury during the Boston Marathon bombings and filed a $480,000 claim with The One Fund Boston, an organization that accepts and distributes money for victims.
Gause collected the check, opened a bank account on July 1, 2013 and withdrew $377,500 on July 15, 2013.

She was arrested Friday, and charged with larceny over $250 and felony defrauding a nationally recognized victim relief fund.



Ohio bodies case: charges expected

Yet more Racial scaremongering? Or just a genuine Psychopath?
A known sex offender is expected to face charges after authorities who responded to a report of a foul odour found the bodies of three women in a low-income Ohio neighbourhood.
East Cleveland police chief Ralph Spotts had warned searchers to be prepared to find one or two more victims, but he declined to elaborate. (msn.com)

The Confiscation of Bank Savings to “Save the Banks”: The Diabolical Bank “Bail-In” Proposal

Is the Cyprus Bank “Bail-in” a “dress rehearsal” for things to come? Is  a “Savings Heist” in the European Union and North America envisaged which could result in the outright confiscation of bank deposits? (globalresearch.ca)

Hawaii Elections Official Signed Sworn Affidavit That Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Doesn’t Exist

Tim Adams, former Hawaii Senior Elections Clerk, signed a sworn affidavit back in 2011 that no long-form Hawaii Birth Certificate exists for Barack Obama and no proof exists that he was born in a Hawaiian hospital. Adams was employed at the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division from May 2008 through September 2008.

"Whoever speaks of the 1967 borders speaks of Auschwitz"

"Whoever pushes for negotiations based on the 1967 boundaries, even with border adjustments, actually speaks of the 1967 borders. We must negotiate with no preconditions and without prisoner release,’ Landau emphasized.” Read more at Juancole.com

Syriangirl: Israel to benefit from a divided Syria


The Jews Who Rule America


Irene from South Africa