May 13, 2020


Next step in the agenda is slowly being unveiled. Already seeing MSM articles stating unequivocally that schools won't be able to open in the's just not safe....all of this is for your own good..,don't ya know?!

H/T to Capt. Ahab for this one

Melinda Gates on The Plandemic

Okay guys, this one is hard to watch because it is so disgusting on so many different levels: The way the show host sucks up to 'Melinda' in such a sycophantic manner not to mention the lies being spewed from 'Melinda's' mouth. The future agenda is being slowly unveiled to the general public.

Also note - 'Mrs.' Gates appears to be wearing an upside down cross. (let me know what you see).Also, note her dead, almost black eyes and her unusually large man hands and x-large bagel sniffer as well.

H/T to Dumpster Diver for bringing this to my attention

We Can Work It Out (Remastered 2015) I'm going back to bed fecho. If Ognir runs interference, delete that fucker.

Radio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe 2020.05.12

Updates On The South Africa Situation

Emperor PM Legault In Qu├ębec asked emperor Trudeau to bring on the Canadian army to take "care" of old folks in the northern part of our province a few weeks ago. For all I know, they could all be dead. I'm talking of old white folks but the first "order" was to "help" the indigenous people even more in the northern part of our Province.

Call me paranoid but when you can't trust the media, your mind goes allover the place. I mean they could have killed everyone without us knowing. My friends and others tell me they were there to help. TO HELP WHO AND WHY????

Let's go on and help people here. On the 11th of March, I got the flu and I never get that.  The last time I got the flu was around 2008 and before that was back in the 90s. I threw alot at it but on the third day I used 7% lugols Iodine and I took high doses of it. I mean the dropper was not enough. I was pouring it into my copper one liter jug. That afternoon, I was leaking from my nose every five minutes for six hours. It was unbelievable. The next day I felt like shit for another six hour and then "was cured". I think that my body needed time to get rid of the dead crap.

It is much worst than David is saying. When you have cancer, they let "the cancer" patient "on tv" eat sweet cereal and cookies and let's order Chinese today. For breakfast we will eat a platter of waffles with pouring high fructose syrup (GMO grain) on them. We all know that cancerous cells love sugar six times more than "normal cells"

It's about time that Duke wakes the fuck up!

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