June 27, 2013

How Not To Defend Atheism. ROFL. Thanks scorpio

Miko Peled: How to counter false accusation of anti-semitism

Question: "How do we convince Americans who speak against Israeli policies to fight against the false accusation of anti-semitism?"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces 30-count indictment in Boston Marathon bombing

A grand jury has indicted Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on charges of using weapons of mass destruction and killing four people, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.
Tsarnaev, 19, has been accused of setting off bombs near the finish line of the city’s annual race on April 15 with the help of his brother Tamerlan. The blasts killed three people, and investigators believe the brothers killed a university police officer in the days after the attack while attempting to evade capture.


Creepy ass cracker is OK but don't say nigger. LOL

David Duke Show 2013.06.27

Today: Dr. David Duke has an opening segment about the new book and why it completely changes the way that our people can approach the critical dangers of Jewish extremism. How for the first time we can go on the psychological offensive make and put them on the defensive. He shares an comment from a video commenter who is apparently an zio troll, and he shows how they work to divide and destroy their opponents. Part of their tactic is deceit, they pretend to basically agree with us and then they try to find fault with those who are truly accomplishing something great. Finally Kay and Dr. Duke talk about the power of giving of yourself and how that giving to the people and things you love actually gives you much more in return than what you give. He quotes Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet says that the more she gives the more she has. And that is true in all things in life.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.06.26

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Tim Rifat - World War Z

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Terry Arnold - Snowden And Syria

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Joel Skousen - World Affairs Brief

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The Conspiracy - Official Trailer (2013)

Saw this trailer & just had to share it! Seems tailor-made for those of us with a conspiratorial bent...They're rubbing our noses in it yet again!

In THE CONSPIRACY, a pair of documentary filmmakers (Aaron Poole and James Gilbert) begin making a film about conspiracy theories. When the subject of their film (Alan C. Peterson) suddenly (and mysteriously) disappears, they find themselves digging deeper and deeper, the evidence leading them to an elite society with very powerful members.

Spingola Speaks 2013.06.27

Guest: Victoria Thorn, of Project Rachel, and the National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation; the trauma of abortion; The Biology of the Theology of the Body; Interview; Biochemistry of Sex

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Invasion of crazy ants that dine on your Mobile Phone

Likes eating Apples...or anything else electrical.
America is, scientists say, under an invasion of a new ant species -- Nylanderia fulva -- that has a true taste for gadgets of all kinds. Article at cnet.com.

The 9 Largest Private Armies In The World. What Are They Fighting For?

A clue: It rhymes with "Eccles".
Ever wonder what the largest private armies in the world are? Even though nowadays many countries are struggling to protect peace, there are several official "war" conflict zones on Earth. In many cases, major countries can interfere with their own troops. However, in order to prevent the risk of losing soldiers from a national army, or in case a country doesn’t have enough of a military force, a government can hire mercenaries.

The dollar collapse and WW3

'US economy set to crash very hard'

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mike Harris, the financial editor of Veterans Today, from Oregon.

The Imperial Agenda in Syria - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

The aggressor nations in the war on Syria are now talking about "humanitarian aid" to support the Al Qaeda rebels they themselves sent into the country. But, as Michel Chossudovsky argues, the imperial powers need to be held accountable for their part in fomenting the conflict in the country, and should be made to pay reparations. Find out more in this week's GRTV Feature Interview.

Thugs with Keyboards to Spread Propaganda Using Up to 10 Online Personas Each

Rumors have long floated around about government shills spreading disinformation on websites that are at odds with the governmental party line. Now it’s official: the US government has awarded a contract to a company in California to create software to manage “online personalities”. The software will allow one person to manage up to 10 personas, and will be used to counter “extremist ideology and propaganda”.

                    ***Read article at Activist Post*** 

Shaving After The Apocalypse: How To Prepare For Your $900 Shave And Haircut

You too can "Prep" & look like him!
What happens when the apocalypse doesn’t end in fire and brimstone?  What if the apocalypse looks more like a hyperinflation scenario where a shave and a haircut costs decidedly more than the proverbial “two bits”?  Or maybe “your two silver bits” are too valuable to waste on a $500 3-pack of disposable razors. (sobertgummer.com-Survival Prepping For Hard Times)

Blacklisted Radio w/ Guest James Corbett

"Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen. 2nd broadcast this week!
In this episode Doug Owen interviews James Corbett about Spy-gate and the broader implications of the shadow states power over our elected government through big data. Technology, Social media, Trans-Humanism, and the role these new technologies play in our lives."

Humanities Ultimate Fail Safe: Pull the Plug on Big Brother

Does *this* make you feel safe? If so, you're an Imbecile.
What is the solution to the globalized, military police state? Well the first order of business when discussing the problem of a global tyranny is to admit to ourselves we no longer live in a free country, or world for that matter. This is a fact, and if you don’t know it yet get your head out of the sand and start paying attention. OP Ed by Jason Charles at intellihub.com.

The Lone Star Watchdog:The Bill of Rights and the Constitution is Still the Law of the Land! Any Questions?

Of Interest to our American Cousins. Learn your rights.
The establishment is circling the wagons on all fronts because they are trying to make excuses why they are violating our rights. I would watch NCIS on CBS. A suspect would be taken in. Instead of talking to Special Agent Gibbs. The accused  would say ” I want my lawyer” The Navy cop would say” I am invoking the Patriot Act putting you on a plane to Gitmo if you do not talk”It is all a written script made for TV for propaganda purposes trying to make the Patriots Act and the NDAA sound reasonable and legitimate in fighting the phony war on terrorism.