Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Not To Defend Atheism. ROFL. Thanks scorpio


Shabigus said...

this guy is coming off his ssri's, big time

Zeebop said...

this is obviously danny bonaducie in a partridge famly out take.

u didnt get the memo?

zapoper said...

I think he's a crisis actor. LMAO

RJ said...

astonishing. So add completely irrational and out of control to the list of redeeming quality's of the jew. I found myself with mouth open in disbelief at this weirdo's behavior. thanks zap that was grand

Anonymous said...

Somewhere a mental hospital is missing their patient.He said Weimar Germany was heaven for gays then Hitler came along...too funny.

About 50 MG of Thorazine should do the trick guys...

Paranoid delusions...Persecution complex to the max

Anonymous said...

Did I just hear him say "all you goyim are alike"? (at 3:58) It figures, the ashkenazi red nair and hate raged voice should have gave it away initially. I'm agnostic myself but this is the worst kind of jew imaginable: a flaming, intensely liberal faggot jew, blaming the christians for the 'holoco$t' lmao.

zapoper said...

If this guy is for real, it just goes to show that even Jews are brainwashed.

DjSadhu said...

Nah. Overdone. Staged, fraud whatever.

Anonymous said...

No way was this staged. This was a jew having an honest few moments where he revealed the hostility and inward rage that these supremacist jews feel towards us 'goyim'. The violence in his voice should have revealed to many the hostile and supremacist feelings and hatred these jews feel towards us. This guy was fucking DELUSIONAL LMAO

Unknown said...

This is perhaps Hitler’s greatest speech National Socialist German Workers Party Public meeting in the Great Hall of the HofbrÀuhaus Friday 15 August 1920
I suggest you read it.

Those races, today called Aryans, created all the great cultures of the ancient world. We know that Egypt was brought upon its high cultural level by Aryan immigrants. Similarly, Persia and Greece; the immigrants were blond, blue eyed Aryans. And we know that outside of these Aryan states no civilized states have been founded. There emerged mixed races between the black, dark eyed and dark colored, southern races and the immigrants, but they failed to create any large, creative culture states.
The only references to the bible are

We can follow this fate of Jewry from the earliest prehistory. It is not important if there is truth in every word of the Bible. In general, it gives us at least an extract of the history of Jewry. We see how the Jews present themselves because the Jew wrote these words quite innocuously. It did not appear to him as outrageous when a race, through cunning and deceit, invaded and despoiled other races, was always finally expelled and, unoffended, sought to repeat the same elsewhere. They pimped and haggled even when it came to their ideals, always ready to offer even their own families. We know that not long ago a gentleman was staying here, Sigmund Fraenkel, who has just written that it is quite unjust to accuse Jews of a materialistic spirit. One should only look at their sunny family life. However, this intimate family life did not prevent Grandfather Abraham from pimping off his own wife to the Pharaoh of Egypt in order to be able to do business. (Laughter) As was the grandfather, so was the father and so were the sons who never neglected their business. And you can be sure that they are not neglecting the business even as we speak. Who among you was a soldier, he will remember Galicia or Poland: There, at the train stations, these Abrahams were everywhere.

When you defend the Bible you are supporting the Arahamics.
Tha Ancient Aryan civilizations do not have anything to with this jew athiest.
Why do christians just act mamby pamby and it is the chriostians who bring in all the jews into this country. Listen to this the christian fag, Wanna hug"
Hail Odin not yeshua the jew.

Unknown said...

Did anyone notice how the jew didn't start ranting till the cameraman was set up. then how steady the camera was as if it were on a tripod or an experienced camera person was holding it. This was a setup and the camersman and jew were a team.
Another thing ask the question What would a Viking do? Not what would jesus do? You didn't see any christian defend Hitler did you?
You christards are a bunch of panseys.apartment editispe

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Got hate much?
Whatever he is this gay Jew tells the world just what he thinks of Christians. Totally illogical, none of his logic was logic.... sounds like he drank too much koolade. Just an all out aggressive Jew on a very bad day... or... perhaps just another one. He was jogging in his bare feet?

nilus said...

Jews are in meltdown mode , this is a microcosm. He acts like a spoilt paranoid brat and a cornered rat all at the same time.

Hilarious , my new fave vid . Sent to all .


Christopher Marlowe said...

This is so classic.
At 8:27-"The Wiemar Republic was frickin gay heaven, and look what came after it: Hitler."
Starts to prance away...
"Don't threaten me because I will find dirt on you."
Runs away, and then
"Gay is love! Straight is hate!"

No way this was staged. IMHO, a crazy fag Jew in full meltdown.

People do run barefoot. It is better for your knees. I always run barefoot.

wanda said...

Rockclimber... yep... he blamed christians for the fake hollow cost AND slavery AND for stealing the torah... like it wasn't handed to them and us.

They are under mind control too... more than the goyem. IMO... this is what going along with any abrahamic religion will get you... it is the only thing abrahamic religions has ever begot.